About Us

We are a loyalty and rewards based platform. We are here to bridge the gap between you and your favourite brand. The Panel Station helps brands understand their consumers’ opinion. And no its’ not done for free, because your Opinion matters, Rewards worth $2 Million are won each year for investing your time and sharing your opinion. We provide real time insights to premier brands based on the opinion of 3.15 million panellists in our community. We are currently present in more than 35 growing economies where the panellist share their opinion through online surveys.

Why Opinions?
The global names in products and services industry look forward to real time consumer feedback. Based on this feedback these brands make changes and improvements to their products and services. Your opinion helps the brands understand the changing needs and progressive demands which are not being catered to in the market. We help you assist brand innovation. Your opinion is shaping the world of products and services.

Why Rewards?
We reward our panellists in exchange of their valuable opinion. The Panel Station is on a mission to empower our panellists by providing them the fastest and easiest source of earning money online. Taking surveys makes it easier for you to earn money from home and from your own comfort zone.

Our Aim:
The goal of The Panel Station is to empower and facilitate the luxury of earning money online with zero investment. We help all those who are looking forward to earning money online regularly and with no hassle. We have reached more than 3 million people and altered their lives with the best online platform to earn money. And yes we are going to empower millions more. You want to be one of them?