About Us

The Panel Station (TPS) is loyalty and rewards-based platform, and we are here to bridge the gap between you and your favourite brand. We help brands understand their consumers' opinion. TPS provides real-time insights to premier brands based on the opinion of our 5.11 million panellists. At TPS, we are on a mission of creating a community where opinions matters and where opinions are rewarded. Yes! The age-old saying is true —Time is Money. The time you spend sharing your opinions fetches money for you. Our panellists win over $2 Million worth of vouchers and cash every year for taking up surveys. With a presence in over 35 world's fastest-growing economies, TPS is growing, and we want you to be a part of this growing assorted community. Join us and help us shape tomorrow products and services.

The importance of Opinions
Our world is ever-changing, and people contribute to this change. Products and services change depending on consumer needs. Companies in any industry want real-time consumer feedback or opinion to get an idea about the needs and demands in the market. Based on the feedback, brands create new products or improve existing products. And, at TPS, you provide this feedback through surveys. Your opinion has the power to bring change and innovation. Your opinion facilitates brands in catering to the needs of the market and creating niche products and services.

Perks of giving opinions—you are rewarded!
We understand you take time out to take surveys. And we value your time as well as your opinion by giving rewards. TPS rewards our panellists and empowers them by providing an easy source of income. You can take surveys at your comfort zone and earn points which you can later redeem for money. You are contributing to society while getting rewarded for it. Sharing Opinions can't get more fun than this!

Our Aim:
We aim to bridge the gap between consumers and brands. We are building a doorway for brands to reach their audience and get their opinions. We strive to empower our panellists by allowing them to be a part of the future and making their past experiences/future expectations accessible to the thought leaders and creators of the world. In a way, we are shaping your tomorrow by listening to your opinions today.