It is almost Christmas, and we can assume that you’re getting ready to go shopping for some incredible presents that will be the perfect fit for your loved ones. It is that time of the year when you get ready to empty your wallets and get on a shopping spree. Be it for your partner, family or friends, you start planning and choosing a gift for them. But amidst all this hustle and bustle, remember to gift something to yourself too. Yes, if you haven’t already come up with a resolution for the new year, your resolution for 2023 should be to focus on ‘loving yourself.’ And to begin, make sure you get something nice for yourself for Christmas this year. There could not be a better way to celebrate this amazing festival. Therefore, to make your life a little bit simpler, we have produced a list of the 7 coolest gadgets you may give yourself.

Worldwide Travel Charger and Adapter


Are you planning a holiday trip? Do you plan to travel the world? If so, a worldwide travel adapter is the coolest gadgets you should have and it should be the first thing to go inside your backpack whenever you are planning to have an overseas trip. Although numerous options are available, an economical choice would be a Universal Travel Charger Adapter. The adapter also comes with a USB port, so you can quickly charge your devices just by connecting to it without needing a separate power brick.

Selfie Flash for Perfect Selfies

Selfie flashNo celebration is complete without taking some amazing photos. If your Android smartphone lacks a selfie flash, then worry not; we have a nifty trick to solve the problem of dark selfies. Say Hi to the Selfie Flash. This external flash, along with a 36 LED bulb, is lighter in weight and can easily be carried in your jeans pockets. Just put in 2 AAA batteries and switch it on using the switch at the top of the ring light. So next time you get dressed up for an evening party, don’t forget to click an amazing picture of yours and send it to us.

NFC Tags to Keep You Updated

NFC Tags

Modern problems need modern solutions. It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of paying for groceries or a tank of gas simply by touching one little electronic device to another seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. But this technology is now considered to be standard. Because of advancements in near-field communication (NFC) technology and smart tags that are compatible with NFC, all of this is now feasible. Knowing the fact that you can whip up NFC recipes within a matter of a few minutes, it’s imperious that you now own some NFC tags to speed up your mundane work. You only need an NFC-enabled smartphone and an app to write the task to the tag, and you are done. So, don’t forget this in your list of coolest gadgets. You can buy NFC Tags here from Amazon. To make things easy, you can win Amazon Vouchers by taking surveys from The Panel Station.

Audio Splitter for You and Your Buddies

Audio splitter

After a long night of the party, you want to relax with some soothing music with your friends. If that is your plan, the five ways audio splitter is a device you must have. If you want to watch your favourite series among your buddies or listen to some music without compromising on its audio quality, then you must get an audio splitter. This cool gadget also comes with it’s own AUX cable, so this is helpful if multiple people are watching a movie or listening to music at the same time.

Portable Photo Printer for Instant Prints

Photo printer

Making a list of some of the coolest gadgets is incomplete without this one. Here’s a handy gadget for you – a portable photo printer. Don’t just store the amazing pictures you have clicked on your phone. Print it with the help of a portable photo printer and frame those picture-perfect memories. These portable printers let you print your photos anywhere instantly. They are easy to carry and great when you are on a trip with your friends or family.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug for Lazy Days

Coffee mug

While gadgets are playing a vital role in our lives, why not use one for some fun element. Love to have some coffee but feel too lazy to mix coffee powder and sugar. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. A self-stirring coffee mug will help you make the perfect coffee. All you have to do is pour your milk, coffee powder and sugar into it, and this cool gadget will quickly and quietly stir all the ingredients to give you a perfect cup of coffee.

Hand Warmer for Warm & Cosy Feeling

Hand warmer

Now, this might sound a little strange, but rechargeable hand warmers are an amazing thing to have during the winter. They are portable pocket heaters, great for outdoor camping, heat therapy and even as gifts. These pocket-size heaters keep your hands warm and comfortable in cold winter. Now you can forget the hassle of rubbing your palm to generate heat or pulling the sleeves of your jacket to hide your arms, or wearing bulky, uncomfortable gloves. Just keep the hand warmers in your palm and enjoy the warmth.

Now that we have given you some amazing ideas on to shop for, go ahead and get some of the coolest gadgets. Well, we are not done yet. We are going to add icing to the cake with another amazing idea. Did you know you can earn some extra money by taking surveys with The Panel Station. Register Now and start taking surveys and earn exciting vouchers and rewards. And you can use these vouchers to buy the gadgets. And if you are from India, we have got some added benefits for you. You can earn Paytm rewards by taking our surveys. Whether you plan to celebrate the festival with your friends and family or wish to do it all alone, these gadgets will help you add fun and excitement to your celebration.

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        • Kirti Diwakar Reply

          Yah bhut achi aur jaruri chije hai khaskar traveling ke liye

          • These are great. I’m definitely going to put a few of these in my list.

          • Lissette padilla

            A todos los mini gamer les regalamos audífonos y como mini emprendedora a todos les hice pulseras . Y a las mini influencer luces led para decorar sus espacios .

          • Oh, l think that will be a great thing if I have a smart phone, I want it very much 📱

      • Some of These gadgets have been on my amazon list for awhile and I can say I have been able to purchase them inexpensively.
        Makes great gifts

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        Nossa que ótimas dicas ,tem coisas que eu nem imaginava que existia aliás a maioria delas ,obrigada por me apresentarem .

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          These gifts are so cool. But am in love with them all😘😘

      • Los productos se ven interesante ,se ven prácticos para la época .

    • Amazing gifting ideas, especially the earphone splitter, pure genius. Thanks for the wonderful gifting ideas especially the last one 😉

    • сергей Reply

      Очень заинтересовал фотопринтер. Также интересна перезаряжаемая грелка для рук. У меня плохие сосуды- постоянно мерзнут руки. Грелка была бы кстати.

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  1. Barry Obineche Reply

    These gadgets are awesome, pocket friendly and ideal to present as gifts to friends and loved ones this Christmas. I love the NFC tags, I would probably buy one of these smart tags for myself, they are quite handy and will make shopping easy and convenient for me this Christmas . Thanks to TPS for these wonderful idea

  2. Well i liked the portable printer and coffe mug more. They are my kinda thing ,love having coffee and taking pictures,framing the memories.

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  3. D L Dlamini Reply

    These gadgets are awesome. 1. The universal travel adaptor, the audio splitter, the portable photo printer and just for fun the coffee stirrer

  4. No matter where we go, we always stay
    together. No matter what you say,
    I always listen to you….
    Yes, I am taking about my “Earphones” …😇😉

  5. Zahoor Rahman Reply

    This type of information useful for us to aware more about specials tools.

  6. I like the most Hand Warmer for Warm & Cosy Feeling and self stirring coffee mug.

  7. That’s a very important gadgets I like it in gadgets I am very comfortable in travelling to Europe just all gadgets and my backpack

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    It is very nice information for shopping during the Christmas festival.

  9. Omoniyi Ruth Omolayo Reply

    Wow, I really needs that potable photo printer. Thank you

  10. Edith Phangoa Reply

    I love gadgets but the only thing standing between them and me is affordability… If I had money or people to buy them for me as gifts I would really appreciate it so much! 🥺

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    This article is very helpful for teck information. I have A “Worldwide Travel Charger and Adapter.” And really it’s very good gadget. I recommend this Gadget article. And I share this article on my friends.😃

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      Its a wonder that there are gadgets to make the minute works more easier

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    I love the Worldwide Travel Charger and Adapter and the Selfie Flash for Perfect Selfies

  14. رمضان محمود Reply

    أحب الهدايا الخاصة والمفاجات

    • Delfina Martínez Reply

      Excelente creo que compraría la impresora de fotografía..!! Gracias por la información..

    • Lorenzo Barron Reply

      Me llamó la atención los calentadores de bolsillos y manos recargables, sin duda muy útiles para los días de muchísimo frío.

  15. Ashwini Anil Dhumne Reply

    It’s a great and very useful Article.this article give a many ideas for use of this watches , adaptor etc and give the idea’s for gifting.

  16. Rachael Jesang Reply

    I love the hand warmer and would like to own one during Christmas holiday together with a smartphone

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    Gadgets sure have made our easier… like portable photo camera with instant print.

  18. Deepak Albankar Reply

    I m looking for a gift for my friend and after reading this as rticle now I got many ideas for gifts thanks 👍

  19. Adoro i gadget soprattutto quelli con una dimensione piccola che sono facili da portare con se

  20. Mahmoud Alhaggar Reply

    لقد ساعدنى هذا المنشور بعض الشىء فى انهاء حيرتى لاختيار الهدايا التى من الممكن اختيارها لنفسى او للاصدقاء…شكرا لكم

  21. Muhammed Sarfas Reply

    Its a wonder that there are gadgets to make the minute works more easier

  22. Tak, lubię otaczać się różnymi gadżetami a ten podgrzewacz do rąk bardzo mnie zaciekawił. Idealny dla tekiego zmarzlucha jak ja!

  23. Sanaa rashwan Reply

    مدفأ اليد اول مره أراه جميل جدا وكذلك موزع الصوت اشياء جميل ياريت نعرف أين تباع

  24. I haven’t come across any of these gadgets before. They are indeed cool and i find the portable photo printer to be the coolest of all

  25. Ahmed ababa jay Reply

    I telling that be happy Christmas to all.
    You later me everything

  26. NFC tags are great, having the tecnology on the phone even better, perfect to be able to pay bills not using the actual credit card

  27. Self stirring mug would do me great especially now when am feeling lazy.

  28. Caroline Akinhanmi Reply

    Great idea! I never thought of gifting myself before. Would certainly do so!

  29. Emmanuel Emezue Reply

    I’ll go for the worldwide travel charger and adapter; Anything that keeps my phone on, cuz it’s my office. That’s why I think “TPS” should have added a “solar power bank” to this list.

  30. faisal alsarawani Reply

    stirring mug would do me great especially now when am feeling lazy.

  31. هدايا جيدة لكني ارغب في هديىة اخري تذكرة سفر لدوله احبها

  32. Gadgets mentioned here are truly brilliant, its a great idea to gift your loved ones with these useful gadgets, which can come handy anywhere, anytime. Thanks for sharing with us

  33. محمد صلاح حسين محمد Reply

    بالفعل هدايا رائعة تعبر عن جمال المناسبة

  34. I always love checking out new gadget suggestions every year. Amazon’s website always sends me an email each month or so suggesting new cool things to check out. These suggestions are also great, thanks!

  35. Todos esos gadgets son ideales para que nuestro teléfono sea mas manejable , por facilidad, y por moda, y que se ven lindos-.

  36. Asoro esosa Reply

    Very handy and portable device and gadgets good for Christmas gift and wonderful for outdoor camping

  37. Nour Alnabulsi Reply

    I only have a flash light for selfie
    I’ll think about the others.
    Very thankful.

  38. Ayo Fajuyitan Reply

    self-stirring coffee mugs were the main thing for me. But the options for gifts here are unique are very functional

  39. افكار لطيفة ومميزة وهدايا جميلة ومناسبة

  40. Saila Habib Reply

    Great gadgets ideas but they are not readily available in my country.

  41. Mad_the_Mike Reply

    Well i need the NFT Tags to spread my services with my agency….i would look for by amazon….i like this technic gadgets….!!!

    The Audio splitter are not new….i got the old version in black….as a block …but the new design its more like my style….so i should look for this by amazon too…. 80D

  42. I like the self mixing mug and the headphone splitter was a must on long trips as a kid so my brothers and I could share music with each other while saving batteries in our Walkman or portable cd players. I wish they would have explained the NFC tags, I don’t quite understand what they do/are for or how to use them. The portable printer is really cool but what about ink and paper? Seems like there is probably a lot of other stuff you need to carry around with it that they aren’t really telling you about.

  43. A charger, adapter or powerbank are practical and necessary gadgets for any trip. The problem becomes a situation when they also need recharging, and there is no source of energy. then another solution is portable chargers for photovoltaic (solar) panels, of course, when there is no shortage of sunshine where you are staying.
    Regarding the so-called “hand warmers”, this is another gadget whose production requires considerable resources of precious metals and others, and then there is a problem with their recycling or disposal. I prefer, from an environmental point of view, traditional hand warmers, made of natural materials, recyclable.

  44. Woow..these are actually amazing gadgets one can get for themselves .I myself actually think I should get each of the items .The worldwide travel charger is actually cool especially for the constant travellers,the selfie flash also since I could take selfies by myself or with family and friends,the self storing coffee mag is also a perfect one especially when tired,the photo printer also which I could use with family and friends and the flash warmer especially when outdoor during cold seasons.

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