Manushi Chillar, the Miss Universe 2018 who hails from India, when asked the question, “Which profession in the world should be paid the Highest salary?” She replied: Homemakers! And what is better than empowering women by providing them with an opportunity to earn money while caring for the family?

We all know how valuable the role of homemakers is. However, we generally ignore the impact of our homemakers’ efforts. The panel station is constantly supportive of empowering homemakers. Every voice is respected on our platform, and those who take the time to share their thoughts are rewarded.

Yes! Homemakers from all over the world have been making money and using this as a secondary or additional source of income for many years. If you are the one, who drives home, here is a chance to pamper yourself sitting at home.

Empowers Women to Financial Independence:


The Panel Station is a platform which empowers women to earn easy and fast money online. We act as a bridge and enable people to establish close-knit with brands by sharing thoughts on various goods and services. In return, our panelists get rewards for sharing what they feel about and expect from a brand. We think it’s important to represent your views and have a strong and impactful voice.

We are 6.3 million panelists strong and are present in 40+ countries. This makes the opinions very diverse, and brands get to know every ground detail about their products and services. These opinions are again utilised by the premier brands in improving or producing new products & services based on the consumer opinions they receive. Thus, we empower our women to take a stand when it comes to sharing their opinion. Along with it, we help to get a sense of security with free income from home for homemakers.

Start the Journey with The Panel Station:


Download our App, Register with us for Free, and you’re done with the initial step. That’s all you need to do to earn reward points online daily. Once you become a part of our panel, you will be given online surveys to answer. With every survey you complete, you win rewards points which you can redeem. To know the details of vouchers and points valuation, read “The panel station points value & the journey” and gets a glimpse of all the other benefits if you join us.

In every step, The Panel Station makes opinions strong. So, if you want to value your opinion then here’s the perfect time to sign up with us and become a valued member of our community.

Earn More with The Panel Station:


Joining The Panel Station doesn’t mean that you can win only by completing surveys. There are many ways to fulfil your wallet with money. We help women to fulfil even the little of a dream that they overlooked for their family or loved ones.

Many homemakers who have become our valuable panelists are earning monthly prize (Sweepstakes) shopping vouchers worth $300. So, when you join us and earn points from surveys, you can buy the tickets for the sweepstakes or monthly prize draw using the reward points you received. The more the reward points, the more tickets you can buy and try your good luck. There is no limit on the purchase or winning the monthly prize draw.

Wanna know more about other earning opportunities? Read “Want a treasure chest full of reward points?” and learn about it.

Join Us Now & Empower Yourself:


Be independent and pamper yourself or surprise everyone out there with the salary you receive just with the surveys. Not alone this, the monthly prize draw or sweepstakes are going to make it up for everything that you might be dreaming about.

Hurry & follow the steps below to become a part of The Panel Station. Earn free money online with no investment.

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    • Wungyaopem Ruivah Reply

      Thank you for the wonderful article. Yes, I have been earning regularly from the Panel Station India platform for a long time though not much but something is better than nothing. So, I am truly grateful to the Panel Station India. Keep it up.

  1. Rilwan Hamzat Reply

    Keep empowering us all. I surely have benefited from your numerous rewards. Keep it up TPS!

    • Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it. Am also a home maker for more than ten years now, having to stay at home to take care of my only daughter and a sick sister who cannot help herself. I consider myself as a caregiver without pay.

    • Nour Alnabulsi Reply

      The Panel Station very cool.
      Thanks for Wonderful Subtraction

  2. For too long homemakers have been disregarded and ignored. Excited to be empowered.

  3. This is a truly bang on the money blog. Homemakers are the last people that the world thinks of as hard working. They are under appreciated and forgotten about. I’m a homemaker and have my hands in many pies to earn extra cash to support my family and you guys certainly hold the winning trophy for helping us bring home extra cash for treats we deserve

    • Ogenna Echegini Reply

      it is to empower a woman. Reason. When you empower a woman you have empower the whole world.

    • Congratulations 🎉 Nicola! You are our August’s 🏆“TopReader”🏆 and have won 500 points. Keep commenting and strengthen your chance of winning for September as well.

  4. Margareth Roux Reply

    This is excellent. We must strive to empower women, especially homemakers, to restore their dignity with inancial independance. The value of these women is ofetn overlooked in a society.

  5. Ishmeet Kaur Reply

    The Panel Station has been empowering all especially homemakers.
    Thank you for everything. Glad to be a part of it.

    • Rahul Bhagwanrao Muli Reply

      Very good initiative. It’s high time women are given due place in society. It is laudable that TPS is taking these steps.

  6. It’s good that respecting and considering homemaker efforts are now being taken care by TPS as well. It will surely help people to understand the homemaker values.

  7. Thanks to TPS for recognising homemakers,they truly deserve it because it’s where successful people are made.

    • Deepak albankar Reply

      Panel station really doing good jobs for people who want to earn money in their free time. They are offering us good point compare to other survey company. Panel station is trustworthy and good earning site

    • Important requirements for starting an online business. Starting an online business from home requires passion and skill, high-speed internet connection and good marketing skills on social media and other platforms for promotion.
      The first point of contact should be family, friends and partners to help promote the business. Second, promote in the neighborhood or society to get more customers. Third, use social media and online platforms to promote the business.
      ThePanelStation is a great option.

      • Morgan Wynes Reply

        Women are the most understanding and they are the best homemakers so we support them

  8. This is the nice platform to empower women as there is no typical office hours to attend the survey or know their opinion or views on different topics. Women as a housewife are also wage earners themselves and through panel station, they get best opportunity to grow on their own at their own time. We must thank panel station to provide such a wonderful job to our women for their contribution.

  9. Rex Amadi-woluchor Reply

    Indeed you have acted as a side income for most and empowerment for homemakers. Keep up the good work TPH

    • Im fairly new to TPS and i can say so far so good! Well done guys…Excellent job!

    • Tps gives a platform to perform according to one’s choice and availability. .. Love such type of initiative. Thanks TPS

  10. Mahlatse Mabaso Reply

    Keep empowering us ..we need to learn and stand up for ourselves.

  11. Gift Mazibuko Reply

    Just what we need as woman to empowered and strengthen financial thank you so much for this platform.

  12. Khululiwe Eunice Reply

    This homemakers is interesting I think women did got help with it

  13. Theresa Tonkumor Reply

    Tps is just so good, I wish more people will see this and learn more

  14. Toheeb Abdulrafiu Reply

    Indeed, homemakers roles should not be taken lightly and having a means of earning is a plus to their sacrifices.

  15. Emmanuel Aruomah Reply

    Kudos to the Panel station for your inclusiveness of home makers !

  16. Yetunde AKINLAJA Reply

    Panel station you are the best. My first and the best survey site

  17. Abdulrafiu Toheeb Reply

    Empowering the woman is a means to an end from the way I see it. It is empowerment of the house as a whole. Homemakers deserve more, a means to earn and have a lot extra for themselves. It’s a nice initiative.

  18. Shreeram Rane Reply

    Very helpful information. this can help many to do things on their own

  19. mohammed mufassal abdul hameed Reply

    This is excellent. We must strive to empower women

  20. Shanu Jamgbadi Reply

    I have been without a permanent job for a while now and The Panel Station has been very helpful and rewarding for me.

  21. que bien que se piense en las amas de casa. yo ya lo había pensado y pude lograr que mi esposa tuviera su propio ingreso en casa y hoy día ella disfruta de cosas que ella quería, gracias a su negocio de moda.

  22. Thank you TPS for empowering women and others.
    there is nothing that gives joy like being homemaker and still generate income in your own little way.
    It’s fulfilling 😍🤭😍

  23. Good information thanks for This tps great opportunity to earn extra money #tps

  24. Thanks to all of the panel station for giving opportunities to everyone

  25. Elismonica D. Vicenzoti Reply

    Excelente matéria. Amei saber sobre isso. Donas de casa sendo mais valorizadas.

  26. Interesting read. I do believe homemakers should be appreciated more and kudos to The Panel Station for their contribution to the empowerment of homemakers

  27. Valéria Almeida Reply

    Excelente, estou desempregada e o TPS tem me ajudado demais. Recomendo muito. Obrigada.

  28. Shabnam khan Reply

    I am a woman and u totally agree with panel station they empowering a women

  29. Vera Lúcia Reply

    É um trabalho estafante, pois a dona de casa precisa ter tantos braços quanto um polvo. Parabéns a TPS que enxergou, divulgou e ajuda as mulheres se empoderarem!

  30. Pooja singh Reply

    I had joined TPS in April and I had plenty of opportunities to earn from this amazing site I enjoy answering to their well designed surveys which are fun to answer i truly love the experience

  31. Panel station has been a great platform of no investment,, so empowering and benefiting.

  32. Homemakers are the ones who does job on 24*7 basis and are not getting enough recognition most of the times. I appreciate the initiative taken by the Panel station to empower women and giving them an opportunity to be financially independent. I am glad to be a part of it.

    • Well I was thinking how people are earning money on this panel station platform.. I was filling servery but was not getting how could earn money.. I didn’t know about app so thanks gonna download now to learn and earn more..
      Thanks to initiate this help ..

  33. Jaykumar Pradeep Kuvare Reply

    Thanks for enlightening us with your exceptionally helpful and valued ideas that make us feel optimistic about our world.

  34. Musaad Aklabi Reply

    It’s important to invest in our free time, and housewives they have that advantage of time and great opinion to help improve our lives.

  35. Akshita Agrawal Reply

    WoW this article is much needed to boost the moral of homemakers.

  36. I believe the panel station is the best platform to provide such help to all those people of over 6.3million are being paid for their answers also the panel station is the most trusted platform I guarantee 💞 us panel station .love you all those guys who are operating it and helping us a lot thank you 💞

  37. You are right bro…survey is the best way for women to earn online at home in part time . And panel station was best of them

  38. thank you for helping the unemployed and homemakers to earing the money

  39. ليلى سلامة Reply

    الاستقلال المادي من الأمور المهمة التي يجب على كل شخص منا التركيز عليها سوا كان ذكر أو أنثى وربات البيوت من النساء التي يجب عليهن العمل لأجل الوصول الاستقرار المادي الذي يحقق لهن حياة اكثر راحة ورفاهية لهن ومع صعوبة خروج ربة المنزل للعمل لعدة ساعات في اليوم العمل على الإنترنت من أكثر الطرق التي تساعد على كسب المال وتحقيق جزء من الاستقرار المادي ومن افضل الطرق المشاركة في استطلاعات الرأي مع tps
    شخصيا انا مازلت في عمر الواحدة والعشرين لكن المشاركة في استطلاعات الرأي جعلني أحقق جزء من الاستقلال المادي من خلال الكسب من خلال الإجابة على الاستطلاعات شكرا tps. لاتاحة الفرصة لأجلي ولجميع النساء للكسب من المنزل

  40. Pius Ocheme Reply

    The panel survey has helped the jobless women, most especially in Africa where there are little or no jobs at all. The surveys are usually time flexible as they can engage in carrying out the work at home and then answering the survey questions at their leisure or convienient time.

  41. Meera desai Reply

    Wow 😍 very very very good information on homemaker thank you so much

  42. Roseline Mangena Reply

    Have been a panelist for 9 years now and have benefited a lot from the rewards. Love then and i get to spoil my family. Keep up the good work TPS

  43. Homemakers can earn extra income every day and rewards. They become independent with 0 investment and earn money online with The Panel Station.

  44. Have been a panelist and earning my small small amounts but it’s q good way of income which you earn it in your free time

  45. The role of ‘hostess’ or ‘host’ (let’s not forget the gentlemen:-) is usually thankless and unfortunately unpaid. It should be paid for “out of pocket” by the working partner (husband, wife) just like any other job. In some countries (Singapore), there are attempts to price domestic work and pay housewives. In ThePanelStation it is also welcomed that ladies or gentlemen can earn some extra money in their spare time by doing domestic work.

  46. Abhishek Gautam Reply

    Penal Station is the platform on which anyone could be able to earn without any investment.

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