Have you ever received rewards for expressing your opinions? Yes, it is possible. With the panel station, you can create additional income via opinion sharing. The Panel Station points value is more than you expect. You can earn up to 25 dollars by taking surveys. Your goal for undertaking this quest is much more crucial than merely receiving rewards. Future goods and services benefit from your honest insights.

Leading market research firm The Panel Station has spread over 40 developing markets. With more than 6.3 million panellists, we are able to provide businesses with insightful information about customer personas that aid brands in making decisions. Many corporate behemoths fail to adapt, which is a significant cause of bankruptcy. By conducting market research, brands can determine what they must do and when they must do it. It enables you to foresee specific ‘trends’ declines and what business opportunities are currently not a good idea.

Our panellists ought to be rewarded for contributing their insightful opinions that will help determine the direction of enterprises. When you become a panellist, you become a part of a community specialising in market research and with your viewpoints, you acquire the potential to influence change.

How Does The Panel Station Platform Work?

The Panel Station Process

You enter one of the prestigious communities as soon as you register with The Panel Station and become a valuable member. You will receive daily surveys and an excellent opportunity to contribute to the market’s growth by sharing an expert opinion. Depending on the requirements, you may expect up to 80 surveys on average. For every complete survey, you will be rewarded with points. According to The Panel Station points value, you can earn up to 7000 points or more in multiple ways. Of course, if your currency is not the dollar, then we ensure you will only be compensated in your regional currency.

Let us take you on a quick overview of how the platform works for you:

  • Registration: 

    Register with us will be the first step. “How to register with the panel station” is a blog that is curated for you to guide you through your registration process.

  • Profile Update: 

    After registration, you need to create your profile. Step two is not only mandatory but also beneficial for you. Perfect profiling will lead you to surveys that perfectly match your interest or field of expertise.

  • Surveys:

    Whenever a new survey is up, you will be notified via your registered email address. In addition, you will have complete access to your panel station dashboard, in which you will be able to view surveys that match your profile.

  • Sharing Opinion: 

    This is the easiest part. Depending on the business’s needs, you just need to answer a few questions designed for you. A typical survey takes 10 to 20 minutes of your time. As we value your time and opinion, based on the duration and type of survey, you will be rewarded with points from 100 points to 1200 points.

The Panel Station 5000 points value in India is 700 rupees. So, we provide you with an effective and constant way to generate a stable second source of income through the panel station survey platform.

The fact that you can convert your points into vouchers is a perk. Those vouchers will be entirely determined to fulfil your needs and wishes. And with that extra money in your pocket, just imagine what else you can buy? A lot, right?

How Can You Earn More With The Panel Station?

The Panel Station Points Value - Social

Your journey with us doesn’t end with taking surveys and sharing opinions. We thrive on improving your earnings in every way possible. So, if you are a reader or a social pro, you can add additional points to your account.

How? Well, let us explain. You can earn points for completing surveys daily, wherein through social media, you can earn about 200 points to 5000 points monthly. You just need to follow our social pages, and you will get a chance to participate in our daily, weekly, and monthly contest. Take your part and win points.

Also, if you are the one who loves reading blogs, you have owned our hurt. By commenting on our monthly blogs, you will be able to receive 500 points and will be crowned as Top Reader.

Isn’t that great? Of course, it is. So, wasting time on social media could provide you with the opportunity to earn extra. But you need to make sure you need to spend time with us only.

What Are the Incentive Partners of The Panel Station?The Panel Station Points Value - Partners

In order to offer a seamless experience, the panel station has established collaboration with international and regional incentive partners.

For instance, we have partnerships with Target, eBay, Amazon, and other companies for our USA panellists. Similarly, we have partnered with well-known regional incentive providers for you. You can continue with redemption using the points you gained after giving your opinion. The Panel Station typically needs 4 to 6 weeks to complete redemption.

In case you are wondering, here is the list of country-specific incentive partners:The Panel Station Incentive Partners

What Is The Panel Station Points Value in India or Other Countries? 

The Panel Station Points Value Blog

Now, it is time to disclose your major concern – The Panel Station points value in India or other countries. The value of currencies always fluctuates. The Panel Station points  has some fixed currency value depending on markets to avoid confusion for our panellists.

The following table is equipped with the information that you seek. Get a glimpse of The Panel Station points value:

The Panel Station Points Value

If your country is not on the list, find out more here.

We’re Closing Here,

But your journey with us will never end. The Panel Station values opinions and believes each opinion contributes to a better world. Join us straight away! Be a part of a diverse community where you are valued.

A writer who believes in the power of words and wants to become a successful author, Ankita puts humanity before any religion or gender. If she is not working, you will find her either chatting with friends or eating. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, read love stories, watch movies, and listen to songs.


  1. Its unbelievable but true that Panel Station is a place to be to earn points by simple sharing your opinion. I also hope that I will win all these points?

    • Ankita Reply

      Congratulations 🎉 Luvo Mnyani! You are our July’s 🏆“TopReader”🏆 and have won 500 points. Keep commenting and strengthen your chance of winning for August as well.

  2. Mbuyiselo Diniso Reply

    Great staff…I just love the panel station is the best I love everything about it.Great topics also

  3. Lynda Okafor Reply

    The panel station work is an ideal work from home role which I enjoy doing

  4. Adewole olatunde Reply

    Have really enjoy great prizes from panel but you guys should work on some of your survey.

  5. I have been a panelist since 2020 and i have been able to purchase things online via Jumia. My challenge are:
    1. I have won numerous gifts points via social media but I have never been credited😩
    2. Getting eligible surveys in Nigeria is tasking. There have been occassions were after taking part of the survey for like 10-15mins the error page pops up 🤦.

    Anyways I have learnt and discovered new things while taking surveys.


    • vangie morante Reply

      Its a big help for all house wife like me to earn money while answering surveys

  6. جميل
    لكن نحتاج إلى شركاء اكثر في مصر أو إمكانية للاسترداد النقدي وليس قسائم شرائية

  7. Shanu Jamgbadi Reply

    Of course. The Panel Station is the best Surveys platform. It rewards me with vouchers and also improve goods and services around the world.

  8. Yetunde AKINLAJA Reply

    Panel station is the best survey company. I give it to you guys. But the challenge is redeeming points. The time is long and redeeming through the dashboard is not forthcoming. I redeem through my dashboard and the code is already showing close when av not even see it. Pls work on that

    • Ankita Reply

      Our Team follows a system-generated process for redemption of the points, which takes 3-4 weeks. Within which the Panellist will receive the voucher from the date of redemption. For facing any issue with the voucher you have redeemed, you can share the screenshot of the issue along with the redemption date at nigeria@thepanelstationsurveys3.com. We assure you that we will check the issue and help you the best possible way.

  9. Chinwe Igbokwe Reply

    I love panel station. The best survey station which is very educating.

  10. Oghenetekevwe Akposibruke Reply

    Lovely…Been benefiting from Tps and still aiminig at benefiting more

  11. This blog gives a great idea about panel station and how can we earn online with panel station..a very big thumbs up for this post..

  12. Sarah Ewais Reply

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  15. من الجيد ان نعبر عن اراءنا دائما ليس فقط من أجل الربح ولكن لتبادل المعارف ومشاركة العلم

  16. Maria Cecília Lapertosa Reply

    The Panel Station needs to improve a lot it’s rewards. There’s only one or two options and they may take weeks to arrive to you!! Not good at all!

    • Ankita Reply

      Dear Panellist,

      We understand your concern, and we are also working on this. As for now, we have two available options and a sweepstake, our lucky draw ticket.
      We request you to keep participating in our survey, and if in future we launch more options or make any changes in our available options, we will let you know.

      Thank you for your suggestion; we will work on it.

      The Panel Station

    • Ankita Reply

      Yes. We are very priviledged to have nigeria with us. Thank you for staying and supporting us.

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    Por ahora tengo 1200 puntos…. envíen mas encuestas para responder por favor, Saludos

  19. Wasif Ghani Reply

    Participating in these surveys have not only help me earn a little more, but also they are a source of learning.

  20. Responder algumas perguntas e ganhar uns pontos. Demorado, mas pelo menos o tempo passa!

  21. Luiz Henrique de Melo dos Santos Reply

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  22. Its a great experience being part of Panel Station, I heard about this team online back 2017 and up to now I’m still enjoying answering timely surveys with a great reward points and after that you can redeem it and used it to purchase online or a voucher to buy something in a supermarket participated near your place.
    I do enjoy answering surveys at mat spare time and at the same time i receive gift points. What a great experience.
    More power to Panel Station Team.

  23. Twice sweepstakes winners of panel station
    Love More than any other survey

  24. interesting explanation of the points. It would be ideal to expand the range of prizes to redeem

  25. Thank you @The Panel Station for revealing the benefits of being part of your community and I an very grateful that I took the decision to to be a valued member!!!

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  28. Mostafa Mahmoud Reply

    معلومات مفيدة جدا
    لكن أحيانا كتيرة بيكون في استطلاع راي موجود و بعد اما اخلص كل الإجابات بيقول ان تم اغلاقه و مش باخد النقط

    • Ankita Reply

      عزيزي المحاضر،

      يرجى الذهاب من خلال القواعد الأساسية للبحوث على الانترنت.

      1) لا تضغط على مسح وصلة مرتين:

      نقترح عليك محاولة الانتهاء من المسح في المحاولة الأولى كما النقر على رابط المسح للمرة الثانية من شأنه أن يخلق رسالة خطأ المنبثقة تفيد أن المسح قد اتخذت بالفعل “مسح اتخذت” أو أنها قد تمت معالجتها من خلال غير صالحة رابط “رابط غير صالح”. هذا هو لتجنب ردود متعددة من قبل واحد المجيب أو الكمبيوتر.

      2) استكمال الملف الشخصي الخاص بك عن طريق تسجيل الدخول إلى حسابك:

      وتستهدف دراسات أبحاث السوق على الإنترنت العملاء على أساس بعض المعايير المحددة. وتعتمد هذه المعايير على الأهداف البحثية للعميل. كما كل دراسة فريدة من نوعها، ونحن فقط إرسال دعوات المستهدفة لكل دراسة.

      نرسل الدعوات بشكل عام عن طريق تصفية المعلومات السكانية مثل العمر والمدينة وما إلى ذلك وبعد ذلك يتم فحص المستفتى أثناء إجراء الاستبيان عبر الإنترنت.

      3) كوتا كاملة

      وتستهدف الدراسات البحثية على الإنترنت العملاء على أساس حصة محددة مسبقا لهذا البحث بعينه. وتعتمد هذه الحصص على الأهداف البحثية للعميل. على سبيل المثال إذا كنا لن نحتاج سوى 50 عضوا من الإناث للرد على استقصاء معين، فإن العضو ال 51 الذي يأخذ الاستقصاء سيندرج تحت فئة “الحصص الكاملة”.

  29. Khaled Abdallah Reply

    we need more option in redeeming the rewards ..
    more partners specially in egypt or option to redeem money in cash … thanks

  30. The site is excellent in terms of surveys, you can get the score for withdrawal quickly, but the prizes are what is lacking. Otherwise it’s very good.

  31. Alba Aurora Argente Heredia Reply

    me parece muy interesante la informacion proporcionada, ademas de muy util en estos momentos, seria una gran ayuda en el aporte economico.

  32. u can get surveys anymore to get rewards. u can tell everyones to explore ur self. anytime u can talk with other poeples

  33. Good article on the Panel Station points. I do however have to mention that i encounter errors with many of the surveys

  34. Abolaji Olatunji Reply

    Very helpful information. This information will come in handy when you are newly joining TPS. Well done TPS team.

  35. Thank you TPS for giving us such a platform to earn money by sharing our opinion as well as by sharing, commenting and liking , etc the articles.

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  37. Carolina Zambrano Reply

    Me encantan las recetas, creo que las he cocinado y comido casi todas, las mas nuevas tendre que probarlas, pero al final todas son sencillas y sabrosas.

  38. Sefiat Lawal Reply

    It is my privilege to start a journey of earning through survey with this platform. Hope i would be able to accumulate more points for redeem. Thank you.

  39. How do I get surveys I’ve just completed my profile, I’m way too excited I can’t wait to start. Please help

    • Ankita Reply

      Hi Noluthando, thank you for joining us!

      Generally, research surveys are targeted towards a specific audience, depending on the objective of the survey. So, update your profile, and increase you chance of getting more surveys.
      For more information, please contact our helpdesk team at safrica@thepanelstationsurveys3.com.

  40. Oderinde Stephen Reply

    If you are looking for best way to earn reward, please use The Panel Station where you can easily earn point to get your rewards without stress. Genuine and Guarantee!!

  41. The impact of consumer reviews and opinions on the actions of companies is still underestimated in many communities around the world. People think they can’t have a real impact on brands (their individual opinion doesn’t count). It is therefore necessary to spread the word about the causality and power of individual opinions on the final shape of products. I am glad that initiatives such as The Panel Station promote this approach and encourage the exchange of opinions for the common good.

  42. how do we earn by reading blogs on panel station?, i am taking surveys only, & I neves had any idea before reading this blog, that there are few more ways to earn from panel station.

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