Do you remember when some earth day memes flooded the internet showing the cataclysm of our planet? Here are some…

earth day meme

A meme is supposed to be sarcastic. But was it? However, any person who is genuinely concerned about climate change and other calamities waiting in the future would never find those memes funny. For decades, we have been destroying our mother nature via heedless utilisation of natural resources. Those memes unexpectedly pictured a true representation of our deeds.

Now is not the time to sit and think about how much harm we have done to our home. It is the time for action. Pledge for making green earth and actively participate in saving our planet, aka future.

The influence of pandemic on climate change:

Earth day and pandemic

Earth, the only living planet in the solar system, is our home. The onset of the pandemic made humans startled from the beginning, leaving limited time to realise the seriousness of the situation.

However, have you thought of flipping the coin once and trying to hear the tongue-tied animals. The earth would heartily thank the pandemic if it could have its voice. Nature has its own way, which is unknown to many, and a few yet seek to discover what lies beneath the cauldron as we saw no such ill-fate until now. Yes, we’re incarcerated into our small holes, and those who were once subjected to the same roam freely – very much alive & awaken.

A few months’ lockdowns made the world realise how beautiful our earth could become if we were not here to eradicate it.

“I saw myself adorning & embellishing in those enchanting moments
When the roads were deserted from the chains of those hustles and bustle
And nature spread its wings to fly high, without the harshness of pollution.”

This earth day, let us talk about what we can do and act towards saving our planet because one sustainable approach from your home can impact the broader way.

What would you do if we say your home is on the verge of a breakdown and a few days left to save it from disaster? You will grid your lions to fortify it, and no two ways about it. Transform yourself to bring the change for a greener and liveable planet because this is the only home we have.

Sustainable diet and reduced foodprint:

Earth Day Sustainable diet

It is always hard to switch food habits. But if changing food habit leads one step toward a green planet, then why not? A little bit of tweak in daily food intake can reduce the carbon footprint during food production, preservation, and transportation. Yes, you can be a change, too, while focusing on a healthier eating regime. Your sustainable diet can usher to a better earth.

What can you do to go sustainable?
  • Focus on locally grown food ingredients.
  • Enjoy the health benefits of organic food habits.
  • Pesticide-free cultivation is highly recommended.
  • Increase vegetable intake for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Calculate meat intake; if possible, gradually reduce it.

Sustainable Fashion:

Earth Day Sustainable fashion

Did you know? One pair of jeans uses 3,781 litres of water to manufacture. There are a couple of facts that will astound you as well.

Facts about the fashion industry:
  • Each year, the textile industry consumes 20% of the world’s clean water.
  • 8-10% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the fashion business.
What can you do?
  • Reuse your clothes & maintain a sustainable shopping habit.
  • Recycle your clothes or donate them to charity.
  • Shop from a thrift store; it will be cost-effective and fashionable.
  • Choose fabrics that are environment-friendly, like cotton or recycled material.

There are many other ways to help you be trendy with fashion sustainably. Find out your ways, and do share with us.

Dump plastic & use reusable bags:

Earth Day

“Every day is an earth day”. Plastic waste has become a significant health issue directly associated with climate change. If we make a consistent approach toward making healthier earth, we must regulate our plastic usage.

The solution to the plastic issue is in your hand. What are they?
  • Say no to plastics.
  • Carry your own shopping bag while going shopping.
  • Always keep a water bottle with you.
  • Use a reusable bag for multiple purposes.
  • Avoid buying products in plastic containers.
  • Let your children play with earthen and wooden toys, stop buying plastic toys.
  • Give your home a touch of creativity by decorating using unused plastic materials.

How did you find the plastic waste solution? The Panel Station Community wants to know. Share and help others know your unique ways.

Manage your waste:

Earth day & waste management

The house that appropriately manages its waste allows the world to breathe for an extra day. Yes, micromanaging your household trash leads to a better and greener planet for you and your family. It’s not going to be easy. Separating your waste is an important step.

So, what can you do to manage your waste?
  • Reduce, recycle, and reuse will be the three magics you must use for waste management.
  • Reduce the usage of plastic and replace it with biodegradable options.
  • Recycle your waste to decorate your house or donate them where it can serve others’ purposes.
  • Separate food waste and try composting for the garden. For home, garden compost is the perfect nutrient source for your plants.
  • Repurpose your children’s toys and clothes by contributing to charity.
  • So, Before you throw something into your dustbin, think thrice.

Start managing waste from your home and teach your friends and family. This could be the one step toward saving the earth.

Go Online to save earth’s life:

Earth day 2022

Going paperless is a little bit tough. Is it? What you can do is reduce paper usage. One ‘NO’ to paper can save millions of trees.

Here are some ideas on how to stop paper usage:
  • Go digital, no paper.
  • If you are a book nerd, switch to kindle or other digital book libraries.
  • Ask for E-bill whenever you go shopping.
  • Pay online and reduce paper usage.
  • Paper is a suitable replacement for plastics and is biodegradable; however, paper costs millions of trees’ lives that you don’t want to buy.
  • Switch to recycled materials instead of paper and plastics.

Have you ever said NO to the paper bill? If not, then try.

Right to education about environmental crisis:

Earth Day Education

Children are the future; they have a right to know what’s coming for them. Teach your children about it and make a habit of sustainable living. Use Earth day resources in the classroom to educate about climate change, global warming and any other issue related to the earth’s health. Arrange webinars and talk shows for a global audience. Let people decide what they want – green earth or a dead one. There is no planet B.

Clean Energy:

Clean Energy Earth Day

As the global population rises, energy consumption has increased in the past few decades. Now, for sustainable living and saving the future, many people have taken the initiative to switch to clean energy. The most convenient and affordable resources are solar energy and wind energy. They are super easy to install at your home and also cost-effective.

For years we have used earth’s resources without knowing the outcomes. Now, we know so, this earth day, take a pledge to adapt to sustainable life.

On the last note,

Pandemic was an eye-opener for the whole world. While lockdown commenced in different regions, humans have seen a drastic transformation and lifestyles. But, the earth was breathing freely. On the occasion of earth day, we, all together, show the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihood.

We must Invest In Our Planet, and this investment has an unimaginable high return & uncountable benefits.

A writer who believes in the power of words and wants to become a successful author, Ankita puts humanity before any religion or gender. If she is not working, you will find her either chatting with friends or eating. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, read love stories, watch movies, and listen to songs.


  1. Walter+Nyareru+Gwaro Reply

    Very informative and timely. Its very important that we face facts however how unpleasant rhey may see. As we embrace technology, innovation and current civilization, we have disregarded the basics that are giving us the chance to live and survive and that is mother nature.
    Its unfortunate that we are quick to laud new innovations without considering the potential harm/effects thay pose on nature.
    Life is succeeded by generations and my take on this is that we focus on raising a generation that will take care of nature religiously like the gospel, lets culture our young ones to repsect nature and appreciate the role it has played in our existence.
    If you rattle nature, be ready to face its harsh reactions.

    • Ankita Reply

      It is our responsibility to aware our audience about some major global issues. It is our pleasure that you’ve found this content useful. Stay with us for our upcoming blogs.

    • Connex Anyango Reply

      This is so timely and this is the message for this era. We must be environment cautious. Global warming has become a disaster in this era and it’s high time we create awareness and be informative on the right ways to reduce this.
      #aprilsbestread #tpscontest

    • Lawrence Akingbulugbe Reply

      We all need to give ourselves better orientation and mindsets in living the best of planet earth,individual understanding to better living in contributing positively to our environment goes along way in sustainable living on earth really appreciate this article in opening one’s eye .#Aprilsbestread #tpscontest

      • Really informative piece. We really don’t know how our earth is decaying everyday. We have to be intentional with how we reduce, reuse and recycle. Big companies that contribute a huge chunk of this wastes should be regulated although it might be a little bit difficult because few of them pay huge taxes to government 🤦.

        #aprilsbestread #TPScontest

    • Ankita Reply

      Good to hear that you have found the article worthy of your time. We are working to deliver fruitful content for you. So, add The panel station blog to your good read list.

    • Estos artículos son muy educativo y ayudan y muestran como aportar con un granito de arena a mejorar nuestro planeta

    • Really informative piece. We really don’t know how our earth is decaying everyday. We have to be intentional with how we reduce, reuse and recycle. Big companies that contribute a huge chunk of this wastes should be regulated although it might be a little bit difficult because few of them pay huge taxes to government .
      #aprilsbestread #TPScontest

  2. forida khanom Reply

    being sustainable is good for the environment and i do everything i can to be sustainable including everything mentioned in this article from re-composting to using recyclable materials #aprilsbestread #tpscontest

    • Ankita Reply

      A great initiative you have taken to save the earth. Your story will inspire more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Julliet Akomah Reply

    It’s very necessary that we think of the future generation whenever we do something that will destroy the earth an our environment .

  4. Helphine omwansa Reply

    Important information, we must keep our environment clean and welcoming


    dont waste the plastic and dont cut the tree from to help in our mother earth

  6. Nelson Hernandez Guzman Reply

    Ojala este gran mensaje les llegue a todo el mundo para que tengamos conciencia de la forma en que podemos mejorar nuestra vida y la de las próximas generaciones , de pronto existe, la reencarnación y tengamos que volver a este mundo, podamos vivir una vida mejor, pensemos muy bien todo esto

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    Muy buena información yo reciclo en mi hogar lo más q puedo para ayudar un poco a mi mundo pon gamos nuestro granito de arena

  8. Muy buena información hay que hacer lo que más podamos por nuestro universo yo en mi hogar reciclo lo que más puedo asi pongo mi granito de arena

  9. World Earth Day is a good excuse to think about what I can personally do for the common good, the well-being of the planet. Don’t look to others, take action yourself and encourage others by your example. It is particularly encouraging to see the involvement of young people who are determined to fight for our future and drive change. It is therefore particularly important to educate and promote a sustainable approach from an early age, so that it becomes the norm.

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