The Panel station is an online community which shares their opinion on consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel etc, in order to help brands build a better experience. Once you share your opinion/Fill the survey, you win rewards in the form of points. Later you can convert/redeem those points into gift vouchers and coupons.

Generally research surveys are targeted towards a specific audience depending on the objective of the survey and surveys questions are as per our client requirements and they always have quality check questions embedded in them. The invites sent are also meant to be randomly selected. Hence, when sending invites we try and send targeted email invites and keep the selection random. Therefore, sometimes a person may not be selected for a survey for some time.

Refresh the page and check your inbox again, do check your SPAM/JUNK folder as well. Under the circumstances of not receiving it for more than 3 days, please bring it to our notice and we shall do the needful.

We regret to inform you that only one email address / member is allowed to register with the The Panel Station. The member who joins should be the person who wants to take most surveys. Look for invitations asking for opinions from "the teen in your household" or "the male in your household", etc., and ask the appropriate family member to respond. Any rewards and prizes other family members earn will be added to your rewards account.

Complete/ Update your 'My station' profile with TPS. (In case you haven't done it so far) Add our helpdesk ID - usa@thepanelstationsurveys3.com to your contacts/ safe senders list, so that our emails don't go to your spam folder.

Yes, you can take part in surveys through any mobile device, tablet or PC/laptop. Although some surveys are only compatible with mobile devices, in such scenarios, we would request you to kindly observe the same cited in survey invite.

Quota full is a message you may receive when we have got the required number of feedback for that particular survey.

Sadly, every survey link is valid for one click only, we suggest you try to finish the survey in the first attempt.

You earn reward points after filling surveys, which can be redeemed for gift vouchers, coupons, and products as per your choice.

Log in to your Panel Station account with your ID and password. Next, click on 'REWARDS' to view your points. You can also see the history of your total earned / spent points under the sub sections.

Sometimes the client does not find your answers satisfactory and rejects your response on this particular survey as a result the system automatically deducts points that were initially allotted.

The Panel Station gives you different ways to increase your earnings.

1. Update your profile regularly to get more surveys.

2. The exciting contests on social media carry additional points. Participate & Enjoy

The points have a validity of 12 months, post which the points automatically expire.

Your opted voucher will be sent to your registered e-mail id within 6-8 weeks from the date of redemption.

It could be due to any one of the following reasons:

- Identified as having multiple accounts with The Panel Station

- Responding to surveys without paying attention to the questions and providing incorrect or inaccurate information.

- Rushing through questions without reading them.

- Failing to respond correctly to some of the quality check questions.

In case you do not find your city in the list, you can always opt for the option 'Others' mentioned.

No. Points once redeemed cannot be cancelled or changed.

It means you were screened out of this particular survey due to the feedback not matching the criteria.

You can keep updating your profile to get more relevant surveys.

Also you get 20 points as a token in such cases.