Recently there has been a term making a lot of appearances in newspapers, travel agency ads, and blogs. The word is ‘revenge travel’. It is a relatively new term that describes the tour you plan after not being able to go on trips due to an extended lockdown period. It is a great way to destress after spending more than a year staring at your screen and walls.

We can also catch up on all vacations that we lost due to working from home. Now that the government is slowly easing on the lockdown restrictions in almost every country, you can finally plan that long-needed trip. However, the budget for revenge travel might be scarce for people who spent a lot of time ordering stuff online during the lockdown. So, in this blog, we will discuss the various things you should do to plan your budget for the perfect revenge travel.

Start setting up travel insurance

After months of saving up for a trip, it can be frustrating to cancel at the last moment. It’s 2021, and unprecedented things happen all the time. When you cancel last minute, you might not be lucky enough to get a refund. To save you some money, you should pay a little extra for covering your travel insurance. Travel insurance covers many things. But, more importantly, it covers your medical expenses if you fall sick while travelling. It is highly crucial considering Covid-19 is still at large.

Open a dedicated account for travel money

Most people think it is unnecessary to set up a separate account just for planning this revenge travel. Yet, there is a high chance our daily life necessities crawl their way into the money saved for trips. By having a separate account with automated transfers, you can make sure that you have the budget for travel at the end of the day. You will thank these rainy days’ savings when your planned trip nears.

Find the perfect deal

You might have the urge to hurry up and book the next available flight as soon as your favourite tourist spot opens up. That’s a hasty decision reserved for amateur travellers. On the other hand, you should find the perfect deals in all the things you invest in. May it be the travel package, flight tickets, or hotel bookings.

Also, make sure that you plan your trip at the right time so that you do not plan too far ahead that hotels and flights haven’t opened for booking yet. Furthermore, make sure that the pandemic wouldn’t affect any part of your trip, like booking a non-refundable expensive Thai massage before the country even opens for tourists.

Allot a budget for sanitary items

Just because the world is open to tourism doesn’t mean we have to take our revenge travel without necessary precautions. It would be best if you learned about the local travel restrictions and strictly follow them when you reach there. A standard mask might be affordable in your locality but expensive in the place you plan to visit. So, it is always a good idea to plan a budget that covers these expenditures.

Make sure that you follow the common travel safety procedures laid out by WHO to be extra careful. Get your family to understand the importance of staying safe and taking safety precautions at all times.

Ask the plans of your family

You might be the only one contributing to the budget part of the travel, but you should always seek advice from family members. They might have other ideas about the family spa treatment that you ordered. Younger family members might prefer exploring and being adventurous after a long time away from the outside world.

Hence, never restrict your budget to the things only you want during the trip. This way, you can plan ahead for the sudden reroute to a theme park.

Set money aside for unexpected expenses

There’s always something that turns up unexpectedly during travel. Considering everything that happened last year and the first half of this year, it is alright to plan for additional costs. Assume that you are in Italy for vacation, and the only restaurant that’s open charges you $20 for a slice of pizza. That’s an unexpected cost that you should be ready to pay. Hence, setting aside a sum of money for such expenses can save you at your hungry moments.


Revenge travel need not always be to the farthest place from your home. Many experts consider booking a location close to home as the wisest option. Since you can return home without any complications if there’s a sudden outbreak of Covid-19, also, travelling long distances can sometimes induce additional fear about your properties back home. Revenge travel should be relaxing and never cause stress. So, start planning your budget for a relaxing getaway now!

A writer always lost in the world of books and words; you can often find Rakshitha musing over the meaning of a movie or a song. She is a firm believer of karma, an ardent lover of chai and a dreamer of travelling. Buying her a book/sending her an indie playlist will make you forever etched in her memory.


      • Verdade o tempo passa tão rápido q não damos atenção a pequenos momentos .como viajar com nossa família e aproveitar tudo de bom

    • Lilibeth Deciar Reply

      Wow! This is awesome tips when traveling. It helps a lot.. Thank you for these info, now we canplan wisely. Thanks for sharing.. It was a big help.. Looking for ward for more.. 😊😊

  1. Patrick Milandzi Reply

    Thank you for your infomation .Your infomation came at the right time .The tips are fantastic . I love your content it is on point and direct .
    Now I can plan my holiday by following your tips and advice .

  2. No necesariamente al viajar hay que tener en. Cuenta tantas cosas ….Depende al lugar que vas a viajar, los días, aprendí de los mochileros en los argentinos que por donde vamos pasando siempre encontrarás un plato de comida y un techo para dormir.

  3. Gloria Walshver Reply

    I like traveling visiting family in Israel but couldn’t do because of Covid and now because of the variant I am still scared.
    I am a senior citizen will I ever be able to travel?

    • Nguyễn Thị Thu Trung Reply

      Đại dịch covid l,dịch đã làm chúng ta có sự mất mác quá lớn,từ công việc,hàng ngàn xí nghiệp nhà máy phải đống cửa,nhân viên rơi vào trạng thái thất nghiệp,khiến nhiêù người phải lao đao,khốn khó.Chỉ cầu mong dịch chóng qua,để cuộc sống người dân trở lại trạng thái bình thường như xưa.

  4. Desgraciadamente las vacaciones no se isieron para mí si cuando trabajaba nunca planee vacacionar
    menos ahora que no tengo trabajo ni edad para ese tipo de cosas, ya que lo primero seria tener trabajo
    para tener dinero porque sin dinero y trabajo no hay nada.

  5. Desafortunada mente la gran mayoría de las personas nos hemos tenido que quedar con las ganas de salir a vacaciones pero tenemos la esperanza de que en algún momento podamos realizar los propósitos los planes que se quedaron pendientes pero ya llegará el momento y entonces si podremos disfrutar a lo máximo lo que no se pudo hacer en estos momentos

  6. You dont know how missing iam to have vacation to my village but becouse there are covid 19 as a danger virus so we cant do anything but stay at home.eventhough the virus has already left but i feel worry to have trip to another country so i think i must try to go to my hometown …god know how miss iam to my mother…i have vaksin also with my husband and doughter.i hope the future will be okey..thanks

  7. Travel bagi saya adalah hal yang menyenangkan tetapi dalam situasi sekarang yang masih dalam pandemi dan kondisi keuangan uang terbatas agak mustahil untuk melakukannya dalam waktu dekat

    • bgs Skali adanya travel ,karna sangat membantu masyarakat yg ingin membutuhkan nya

  8. Tôi rất thích đi du lich trai nghiệm va nghĩ duong,nhưng dịch COVID đa làm vo ke hoach va mất thu nhập, COVID thật sự là khủng khiếp. Mong ca thế giới sẽ trả lại bình thường để cuộc sống của mọi người an vui.

  9. Jonnalyn Bello Reply

    Such a good blog honestly. And thank you for sharing.

  10. Amarjeet Singh Reply

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    What about the points we earn,
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  11. I m a travel Consultant and my family loved to travel, But due to this tremendous pandemic that still whirlwind till now
    we deprived ourselves from travelling habit. I really missed to stay in Hotel ran out on the beach dine in a fancy restaurant.
    I enjoyed being a travel consultant and that the entire family benefited it.
    I do Hope this Pandemic will end it up so that my business as a travel Agent/ Consultant will be back in to normal operation normal life living with freedom to explore around maximize business opportunities and more. Get more active in our social life.

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  13. Noha Samir Reply

    Thank you for your feelings really I enjoyed in traveling

  14. Mohamed talaat Reply

    احب السفر الدخلي والانتقال بين الإمكان المختلفه

  15. Traveling abroad is afun thing for me entertain myself with my family, but now it is still limited due to the covid 19 pandemic, hopefully everything Will pass quickly.

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  19. Jose Alfredo Narvaez Villamil Reply

    apenas ahorita para el 17 de octubre planeo mi esposa y yo ir a Paipa. Creo que lo disfrutaremos en grande por tanto tiempo de no salir de casa. gracias por compartir estos tip de viaje de venganza.

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