FIFA World Cup is not merely a sport played once every four years; rather, it is a culture that millions worldwide follow. The football World Cup is among the most awaited events in the sports world that unites nations and its followers. As the FIFA World Cup draws near, anticipation is at an all-time high. It is not just the 32 participating nations but everyone around the world is excited. Starting 20th November to 18th December, all eyes will be on Qatar, the host nation.

This word cup will be the 22nd edition of the competition and the first to be played in the Arab world. Four years after France claimed the championship, top footballing nations like Argentina, England, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, and Belgium have up their game and are ready to snatch the championship title. As we eagerly await the beginning of the matches, let’s take a look at some of the best teams and players to keep an eye on in the competition.

Top Five Teams to Watch Out For.

Brazil : The Favourites

FIFA World Cup Brazil

Currently holding FIFA ranking number 1 they are the favourites. With a power-packed team, Brazil has lost only one international game since 2020. They were the tournament favourites in Russia in 2018. However, they were eliminated by Belgium in the quarterfinals. Brazil will likely view the other teams in Group G as relatively favourable in terms of their opportunities to advance to the knockout stages of the competition. The group of players that Brazil will bring to this tournament appears to be extremely intimidating for everyone else, especially in forward positions. Will Brazil finally be able to get home the World Cup trophy for the sixth time?

Top players: Neymar, Casemiro, Marquinhos, Vinicius Jr.

Belgium : The Red Devils

FIFA World Cup Belgium

Will Belgium’s national team, the Red Devils, be able to recapture the glory days of their football past? Time will tell, but in the meantime, did you know that the only team in the world to top the FIFA list without ever having won the World Cup is the Belgium national football team? Currently, Belgium is ranked second in the world by FIFA. When it comes to football on the international stage, Belgium is consistently regarded as one of the best competitors. Belgium is prepared for everything, thanks to the greatness of players like Courtois and Hazard. To prove their point to the world, all they need to do is win against Croatia and Morocco.

Top players: Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois, Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard

Argentina : Team of Legends

FIFA World Cup Argentina

Are you thinking what everyone else is thinking too? Will Messi hang up his shoes after this season? We are not sure yet, but what we do know is that Argentina is the leading contender with a very strong team because they are in terrific form right now. In 1978 and 1986, Diego Maradona led Argentina to its victory. Although Argentina appears to be the strongest team in Group C, which also includes Mexico and Poland and Saudi Arabia, one should not underestimate Mexico’s capabilities. So, the question is, can they make history by winning the World Cup for the third time?

Key players: Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martínez, Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Di María

France : The Reigning Champions

FIFA World Cup France

The reigning World Cup champions currently hold a FIFA ranking of 3. the Les Blues are one of the most decorated in all of world football, with both greats and young players in the team.

Players like Eduardo Camavinga and Aurelien Tchouameni are in their top form and are ready to add a new dimension to the game. So, will it be possible for France to dispel the jinx that comes with being crowned FIFA World Cup champions? Let’s wait and watch.

Top players: Kylian Mbappe, Hugo Lloris, Raphaël Varane, Karim Benzema

England : Roar of The Lions

FIFA World Cup England

Since 1966, England has not been able to reclaim the glory that they once held at the World Cup. Since their last World Cup, the England team has experienced their fair share of highs and lows. As the World Cup is happening in the middle of the season for the domestic league, their roster, which is heavily composed of players from the Premier League, will be in top physical condition. Gareth Southgate, as the team coach, has most certainly fine-tuned the English playing style. To what extent, then, will the three lions be able to work their magic?

Top players: Harry Kane, Phil Foden, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling dele ale, Jordan Lee Pickford

Top Five Players to Watch Out For.FIFA World Cup Top Players

Manuel Peter Neuer : Germany

Manuel Peter Neuer, the goalie for Germany and the national team’s captain, is famous for his god-like ability to save a goal as so is considered among the best goalkeepers in the history of the sport. He was awarded the Golden Glove for helping Germany win the World Cup in 2014.

Thibaut Courtois : Belgium

The Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois is widely considered to be one of the best in the world. The former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid goalkeeper has acknowledged that the upcoming World Cup in Qatar may be the “golden generation’s” final opportunity to represent their country.

Virgil van Dijk  : Netherland

Virgil van Dijk from the Netherlands, one of the best defender in sports history currently plays centre-back for both Liverpool of the Premier League and the Netherlands national team. Van Dijk is renowned for his power, leadership, and aerial skill.

Pedro Gonzalez : Spain

Pedri has been an indispensable member of FC Barcelona’s midfield in recent years and he is going to be a treat to the eyes. Pedri has already demonstrated remarkable maturity in the midfield. He has acquired a high level of game intelligence and amazing passing skills. Seeing him play football is always a treat because of the incredible way he plays the game.

Son Heung-Min : South Korea

A sigh of relief is be heard in South Korea as Son Heung-Min has returned to form. He is recognised for his lightning-fast speed, which has earned him the reputation of being one of the best forwards in the sports world and one of the greatest Asian footballers of all time. As South Korea has been placed in a challenging group in Qatar, it is imperative that Son Heung-Min performs at his best, if not better.

Some Interesting Trivia:

1 – The trophy was stolen from Westminster Central Hall in London four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Seven days later, Pickles, a dog, found it wrapped in newspaper.

2- Ras Abu Aboud Stadium in Qatar, more commonly referred to as Stadium 974, was constructed entirely from shipping containers and will be removed when the tournament concludes.

3- In the match between Uruguay and Scotland in 1986, Uruguayan defender Jose Batista was shown a red card and that too just after 56 seconds of play.

4- As temperatures during the daytime in Qatar can reach uncomfortably high levels, the country is hosting the FIFA World Cup in fully air-conditioned stadiums.

5- Italy and Brazil are the only two teams to ever win the tournament twice in a row

All said and done; the FIFA World Cup is incomplete without the theme songs. Grammy award-winning American rapper Lil Baby has released The World is Yours to Take’, an official anthem for the FIFA World Cup 2022. So, if you are planning to experience the magic as it is created, visit Qatar. And while you are there, do explore some amazing places in Middle Eastern countries. So go ahead and buy the jersey of your favourite team, invite your friends and make sure you have all your favourite snacks stacked up. The FIFA 2022 is going to be EPIC.

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  1. Barry Obineche Reply

    Great. I am very excited and thrilled to know that the most awaited competition is finally getting closer as we watch the host nation Qatar unite millions of fans, players and lovers of the sport from different parts of the world in this “FIFA world cup 2022”.
    You bet, this is going to be an interesting competition you wouldn’t want to miss.
    I expect to see France at the forefront and key players like Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema displaying their speed, shot accuracy and football moves to bring the cup home.

    • Looks Great, everybody awaited and a million people excited to most a very Big World Cup Competition i am excited see my my favourite teams Spain with together the star player Mr. Pedro Gonzales..

      FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 The Most Awaited Big Competition to a Million People…

      • Nwokeocha Henry Henry Reply

        I can’t wait for the D day of the world to take off.. the experience will be waooh.. because Qatar is a country that want to show the world, the stuff,they are made of .I pitch my tent with my favourite rule the world agan

        • El.mundial qatar 2022 sera una experiencia única, durante muchos días los q amamos el fútbol veroa q los mejores jugadores del planeta disputar todo por obtener la gloria

        • Oyenekan Babatunde Reply

          Fantastic articles,
          I wish all the teams the best in the tournament

        • Prabhat Kumar Sethy Reply

          Excited about all the movements.Happiness,sadness in all matches.Hope the best for all the teams.

      • Thasleema Fathima Reply

        Football is my favourite sport. I definitely watch. The article was awesome.

      • Hi my name is Kamran . I am a huge fan of fifa world my favourite player Cristiano Ronaldo. I am die hard fan off

    • R Keerthivani Reply

      Qatar world cup have been praised by international unions and FIFA, though all have called for more progress.

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      I am glad by hearing all this information about fifa World Cup. Keep posting such things.

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      ملاعب ومباريات عملاقه واكثر من رائعه سيكون الحدث اضخم في العالم لهذا العالم والاعوام القادمه ستشهد ذلك وكذلك البنيه التحذير الدوله تم تطويرها لاستقبال والاستعداد في احداث مماثله في القادم انها مذهله فعلا كذلك من المفترض ان يتم تحديث البنيه التحتيه للدول المجاوره هو عمل اللازم لذلك

    • Precious Chimbala Reply

      Very insightful piece on what to expect from the countries mentioned above and the players.

  2. GARIB SINGH Reply

    I am also very excited and cannot wait for this world cup begins. I will be supporting Brazil although I wish South Africa was taking part. I will be supporting Sengal as a team from Africa.

    Will be watching every game and also wanted to thank panelstation for having this competition.

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          The football World Cup is among the most awaited events in the sports world and Qatar is one of beautiful places in the world that many people are interested to come…

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    I will be watching it, and I will support Brasil and Portugal as my native country.

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  5. I am so excited for this world cup because my brother is in quatar for the world cup. I wish him good luck

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    Though the Qatar world Cup is not in the usual summer time slot.I am really looking forward to the completion Wales has not qualified for the world Cup since 1958. I am looking forward to watching the world’s best players play for their home countries. I am looking forward to Gareth Bale taking the world stage for the first time.

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    • I can’t wait for the FIFA world cup qatar 2022 to comence. Seeing the likes of Messi and Cr7 trying to set up another milestone in the football history,I think it’s going to be great and awesome

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    Matéria muito interessante cheia de informação e curiosidades

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    I always look forward to world cup, it is spectacular with a lot of Hopes high and low dash and a lots of disappointment, sometimes most favoured countries are the losers, all the same, it is always great, thrilling and entertaining, I am counting down to this great competition <

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    The most awaited world cup ever as Messi and Ronaldo will be retiring fully from international

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      I will be watching it, and I will support aspin and Portugal as my native country.

      I can’t wait!!!


    I believe that this coming world cup. The 5 top countries listed as most powerful players, might not take it. The another country might emerge this year apart from top 5 countries.

  18. As a football lover I’m so happy and eager as the a long waited fifa world cup is now nearer and I can’t wait for that D day . A big thanks to the panel station for always keeping us up to date about such an important event, keep up the great work I as a panel station member really appreciate it may the best team carry the day.

  19. The 2022 world cup is indeed an event that is anticipated to come with great experience and expectations. This expectations will be more realistic if one pay a visit to Qatar the host nation.Looking forward to this experience

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  25. I’m not a big football fan but I’m so excited for upcoming FIFA tournament


    Its going to great!One very definite element of the 2022 World Cup to look forward to will be the stadiums.nations are focusing on qualification for the FIFA World Cup.It is going to make for great viewing, right from the planning stage now until implementation in years to come, before the grand finale of the finals.I cant wait to witness this great and onerous event.

  27. Emmanuel Emezue Reply

    I believe an African team is going to make history in this coming Edition of the FIFA 2022 tournament!
    Y’all better watch out!

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  30. I’m very excited about the upcoming world cup but in my opinion, I don’t see Hazard as one of the top players based on his form in recent years, also it is 99% likely that Dele Alli won’t feature in the world cup. Interesting trivia and I do hope that Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’ finally gets to win something

    • Football lovers rejoice with return of the World Cup. The best players in the world get to showcase their talent and skills, while newcomers get to show the world stage what they are capable of… And hopefully the hosts can give a few surprises in the qualifying rounds… With over a billion fans, it looks set to be epic

  31. Wish I could go there. Would love to see my Netherlands team play live.

  32. Shanawar khurshid Reply

    Football World cup tournament is very good. I am very excited for this.

  33. I really can’t wait for the world cup to start.
    I’ve waited for a really long time.
    I’m anticipating all the palyers, the crowd, the countries participations and also the winning country

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    football brings so many culture together, i can not wait to watch the World cup QATAR

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    Wow! I can wait to see the world cup start in Qatar in November but I know there will be surprises, teams that are lest expected will spring up wonders to the world

  36. i cannot wait for the world cup, i love the hype and excitement! favourite team is brazil but do hope England can win this time!As I am football lover , This topic is very informative for me to watch out.

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    It will be interesting to see how an airconditioned environment will impact the player. But the stage is set for a memorable world cup. I’ll be rooting for African teams. I certainly hope they make the final this time around.

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    كأس العالم ليست مجرد رياضة تمارس مرة كل أربع سنوات. بل إنها ثقافة يتبعها الملايين في جميع أنحاء العالم. كأس العالم لكرة القدم من بين أكثر الأحداث المنتظرة في عالم الرياضة التي توحد الأمم وأتباعها. مع اقتراب نهائيات كأس العالم FIFA ، وصلت التوقعات إلى أعلى مستوياتها على الإطلاق. إنها ليست الدول الـ 32 المشاركة فقط ولكن الجميع في جميع أنحاء العالم متحمسون. ستتجه الأنظار إلى قطر ، الدولة المضيفة.

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    Great. I am very excited and thrilled to know that the most awaited competition is finally getting closer as we watch the host nation Qatar unite millions of fans, players and lovers of the sport from different parts of the world in this “FIFA world cup 2022”.
    You bet, this is going to be an interesting competition you wouldn’t want to miss.
    I expect to see France at the forefront and key players like Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema displaying their speed, shot accuracy and football moves to bring the cup home.

  43. sherif essa Reply

    Great. I am very excited and thrilled to know that the most awaited competition is finally getting closer as we watch the host nation Qatar unite millions of fans, players and lovers of the sport from different parts of the world in this “FIFA world cup 2022”.

  44. sherif essa Reply

    It is good for Qatar to host the next World Cup. It is a wonderful country that is able to host the World Cup

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    Tuve la oportunidad de ver mi primer mundial de fútbol México 86, espero con ansias el de Qatar.

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    i can’t wait for Qatar 22 to start. I am a big Brazilian supporter

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    The best platform to spread the message.of . global unity and internation of.culture.

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    It’s that time of the year again when the world will gather together in one place. Just can’t wait for the showdown to begin. Ole ole ole ole ole ole…..

  55. One of the most enjoyable things in the World Cup is to expect what you do not expect. Every team, regardless of its arrangement and preparations, can be defeated by a less prepared and organized team, and this is what makes the championship exciting and enthusiasm.

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    My favorite game FIFA World Cup 🏆⚽ I love this game and very exciting this game to see it.

  57. The FIFA World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the sport’s global governing body.

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  60. Funny enough, some teams like Argentina and Belgium are not finding it easy.

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