Are you a trip enthusiastic? Do your dreams of travelling motivate you to earn more by working harder? You must agree that travel can provide a person with so many different benefits. Travelling can give us all a new lease on life.

We always have secretly wished to learn how to make money while travelling. What if you could learn the secret of money while touring? Wouldn’t that be a godsend for all of us? “Oh yes!” must be your response.

We are all secretly sick of our humdrum jobs. Isn’t that the case? We all want to unwind and discover new places and activities. Yet, experimentation entails risk; hence, quitting one’s job and roaming can be disastrous.

Now let’s jump to the best part of this blog, which will reveal how one can get paid to travel.

Maintain a Travel Journal:make money while travelling

If you believe that writing is your strong suit, you should experiment with blogging. Blogging can be considered a modern-day journal where you can share your experiences with the rest of the world. You will be paid at the same time. Maintaining a blog is a very time-consuming task. But, believe it or not, it’s all worth it! Maintain a microblogging site (social media profile) to keep the world informed about your experiences if you want to earn extra money to cover a portion of your vacations!

To begin with, choose a certain topic, such as ‘budget travel’ or ‘outdoor adventure,’ and begin blogging to build a relatively devoted reader base. Many well-known travel websites, including the lonely planet, Nat Geo, and others, pay for blog writing. This can be one of the ways to make money as a travel blogger.

Surveys & Market Research:make money while travelling

The simplest way to earn money by travelling is to take online surveys on a bus, metro, or vehicle. You can take advantage of this limited time to earn little chunks of money that will not make you wealthy but will help you support yourself.

This will allow you to purchase tiny souvenirs on your journey. There are very few dependable companies that offer you the opportunity to take surveys. The Panel Station is one of those which is reliable and you can take surveys and earn money.

Be a Travel Vlogger: make money on the road

I bet you must have heard about vlogging by now. Vlogging has become popular and a career for many creative souls, thanks to YouTube. Though vlogging needs no introduction, still, if some of you are unaware of what travel vlogging is?

Here is all you need to know: A travel vlog can be seen as a short video documenting a person’s journey. Travel vloggers post their videos on social media or YouTube channels to give viewers an insight into their adventures. Various kinds of travel vloggers make a good living from their vlogs.

Don’t worry if you’re new to vlogging! Initially, you may easily make some extra money to help you cover some of your trip expenses. As your viewership grows, you will gradually earn more money. Other social media platforms, such as Instagram, allow people to create reels and get paid to travel. Open a channel and begin filming your travel adventures without spending any time.

Snapping & Selling: getting paid to travel

If your eye has the quality to find diamonds in each drop of rain, if you perceive old monuments as portraits, if an infant stands out in a crowd, if you constantly see ordinary things in an extraordinary manner, we’ve got you! Your talent can earn you a lot of money. Unbelievable! Isn’t it?

It is the time to believe in yourself and your abilities. It can not only provide you with money but also with recognition. Your dream travel destinations are waiting for you! Try your hands at photography now.

Snap and sell! Snap and sell! Snap and sell! If you sell your acquired photographs to well-known websites, you will be generously compensated. Consider selling photos on stock photography websites such as and When someone purchases your photograph, your mobile phone’s screen displays “your account has received $amount!”

Do Freelancing:earn money and travel

Isn’t ‘freelancing’ a relatively new way to make a living? Let’s go back to the 90s. Was it possible to work as a freelancer? Your response should be “No.” In this case, the Internet has proven to be a blessing. Since the Internet reinforced its grip, opportunities have been booming.

Do you believe you have a few skills that could be marketed, and you could be paid for them? Do you speak multiple languages and have a solid command over them? You can take on freelance assignments as a linguist/translator. A skilled linguist can charge between 2 and 3 rupees per word.

Is it your natural tendency to lecture? Why don’t you become a teacher on online coaching websites and earn good money? You can also pursue occupations such as freelance copywriting or design, work part-time to make money, and then roam for the rest of the day.

Become a Street Performer:get paid to travel the world

They say that artists are born, not made. An artist is gifted with unique qualities. Which can be polished, maintained, and improved but can never be simply learnt if the person lacks an inner understanding of the art.

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.”

― John Lubbock

Are you a talented tap dancer, guitarist, drummer, or artist? We’ve all seen in movies how street performers make a fortune from their acts. If you are one of the few people who are gifted in one of these arts, why not put your talent to use and earn money?

Continue to perform and earn money by visiting one city after another. Try your luck; you may one day become a famous personality because of your hidden talent.

On a final note,

We hope we were able to provide you with a few innovative ideas that will definitely encourage you to begin your dream travel plans, and you won’t see the expense as a hurdle to achieving your dream. At the same time, you have learned how a few ways can save you time and help you support your expenses for the trip.

So, we have already gone through immense number of lists to pocket significant earnings. Forgive us! If we may drop some hints and a small hack to earn vouchers and coupons, TPS is one such platform that allows you to share your valuable opinions and reviews in order to help build a better brand experience. The links are served on a silver platter for you.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media, read our blogs, take surveys, and participate in contests to earn points and start your dream trip.

Nandana is a writer and poet who is frequently lost in her thoughts and books. According to her, a writer's thought process always influences the charm of a story. She considers herself to be an old soul trapped in the twentieth century. When she is not working, she can be found watching historical dramas or reading classics.


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    This article is so enlightening
    Blogging, freelancing , Snapping and selling
    Market research would be my thing.
    Another tip would be to realize a gap in business idea in every place you go to. This would earn some cash when you sell this business. #aprilsbestread #tpsblogcontest

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