Are you feeling overwhelmed this holiday season? Why not. Everyone is excited about the holidays. But have you ever thought about sustainable holiday while enjoying Christmas or New Year parties?

The concept of ‘save the planet’ can’t be aligned with ‘Holiday Celebration’. However, there is a direct relation that exists between them. The impact of holidays with its excessive shopping, travelling and over the top celebration is causing the acceleration of climate change. The holiday season cannot be a burden for the planet. Our Earth is paying the price for our enjoyment.

Now, it is crucial to understand how we do our part to save the Earth. Already, we have done severe damage in several ways. There is always a way to look for alternatives, and an eco-friendly celebration is one of the best possible solutions.

Everyone must break the misconception that an eco-festival stands for a dull celebration. A Green Holiday can be extravagant, but it depends on how you plan it.

This blog is a definitive guide for planning a sustainable holiday season.

Begin with Christmas Tree:

Sustainable Holiday - Christmas Tree

No one can negotiate with the Christmas tree during the holiday season. However, choosing a Christmas tree is usually a contentious topic. Various options are available on the market, including natural and artificial trees. While artificial trees are long-lasting and reusable, it is possible to argue that chopping down trees contributes to climate change. However, using a natural tree has a lower environmental impact than using an artificial tree.

Buying a fresh tree from a nearby nursery is an excellent option for a Christmas tree. It allows you to keep your family tradition alive while simultaneously lowering your environmental footprint.

A smaller version of a real tree can be reusable for two to three years.

Decoration Is the Main Attraction:

Sustainable Decoration

The decorations used throughout the holiday season contribute directly to global warming and climate change. Christmas and New Year aren’t complete without decoration. The approach of enhancing the appearance of your space is creative art.

To address the problem, one must be resourceful and unique. Reusable and repurposed materials can be used for decorations. You may beautify your home with sustainable materials and rock at home decor.

Food Must be Extra Delicious:Food Waste

Every holiday season, food wastage is a major concern all around the world. When it comes to holidays, food is at the centre of the festivities. But how does food impact the environment?

For one lavish meal, numerous kinds of waste are generated. If waste management is inadequate, the consequences would be far more severe.

So, while preparing your exquisite holiday dinners, make sure that no food is wasted. (Donate food)

There Is No Holiday Season without Gifts:

Sustainable Gifts

Choosing a present is difficult, but sustainable gifting is much more difficult. Handmade presents are far superior to store-bought gifts in terms of sustainability. A personalised present is infused with feelings of love, respect, and effort. Gifts made of recyclable and reusable materials also help reduce non-decomposable waste.

Sustainable Wrapping

After selecting the perfect gift, now, you need to wrap it. Gift wrapping is challenging because people will only keep it for a while. But if we talk about sustainable gift wrapping, choose sustainable materials or something that can be reused to wrap gifts. There are several options to choose from. For example, Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth), cardboard boxes, gift bags, etc. So, this holiday season, go-green while thinking of gifts.

No Lights, No Holidays:

Sustainable Lights

During the holiday season, energy consumption is higher than any other time of the year. So, it is necessary to shift to candles or earthen lamps that don’t cause harm to mother nature. But if you seek for missing spark in your decorations, add LED lights to it. LED lights are energy-efficient, reusable, and locally manufactured.

Go-green with Dress:


Your holiday checklist is incomplete without a dress. You can definitely go shopping and purchase beautiful dresses for yourself and your family. However, if go-green is what you think of the dresses is the trickiest part of all. How do you think you will celebrate a sustainable holiday without a not-so-sustainable dress? Impossible right? Well, fear not. We have some amazing ideas to help you with.

Reuse your old dress with a new touch. Yes, no need to buy another dress when you can make your old clothes into new ones. Go to a tailor with the new design, and they will use their magic to make it brand new. And if you don’t want expert help, then shuffling your dress paring would be perfect for giving your dress a twist. Don’t forget to add accessories to complement your look of the day. Also, multiple sustainable clothing brands offer you the go-green concept for your dress. So, even in a sustainable way, you can get a party dress.

Community Services:


There is no better holiday if you spend your days helping people. Between preparation and shopping, you can use extract a little bit of time for community service. You can enrol any local social service group and assist them in helping people in need. Also, you can prepare a giving box with homemade cookies, a card, etc. and distribute it in local hospitals or old-age homes. This will definitely brighten up their day. Or a simple visit to an orphanage with some gift box could fill everyone’s heart with joy. You can also choose, gardening, cleaning, cooking for people, etc.


So, there you have it all, a Guide for a Sustainable Holiday Season. Make your holiday eco-friendly and enchanting. Have a joyful and wonderful 2022 holiday season. So, what are you waiting for? Start making some incredible creatives with your ideas and celebrate eco-friendly holidays.

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A writer who believes in the power of words and wants to become a successful author, Ankita puts humanity before any religion or gender. If she is not working, you will find her either chatting with friends or eating. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, read love stories, watch movies, and listen to songs.


  1. Barry Obineche Reply

    A very interesting piece. let’s go green and make this holiday Eco friendly.
    This is a season of love, I’ll definitely go for the Eco friendly Christmas tree.
    Happy sustainable holiday to all the lovers of planet earth and to everyone on this platform❤️!!!

    • Princess Raphaella Reply

      So interesting, holiday is a time that brings friends and family together and it worths the time.

    • The end of the year festivities are my favorite, Christmas so don’t even mention it, I loved the tips here, a very complete post on the decorations for supper, I had a goal to recycle a lot this year, I used some empty canned food jars and the I decorated it on the set table, it was beautiful, it was a memorable Christmas night with the family.

    • сергей Reply

      The Panel Station неплохая платформа- жаль, что часто опаздываю на опрос. Что касается искусственной или натуральной ели- до сих пор четкого ответа нет. Да его, наверное, и не может быть. Во многом зависит от региона проживания. У нас под С.Петербургом- сплошные леса. Доставка в город недорогая. Леспромхозы, после вырубки, обязаны затем посадить новые деревья. И другое дело для юга страны, где ели почти не растут. Тут, конечно , приоритет искусственным. Для меня актуально внедрение светодиодных ламп, не только на гирляндах, но и дома в квартире. На даче как то заменил на светодиодные-но через 3 месяца вышли из строя. Прочитал, что они бояться перепада температур- буду знать теперь.

    • JINCY JOSEPH Reply


    • Sneha Gautam Reply

      Sustainable holiday can help you to relieve stress and k ve a happy life. You can enjoy by doing a number of chores which can help to make environment pollution free and also by helping helpless or Elders people of the society.
      You must spend a few hours of your time with elder people because they have the experience of life and can help you to fight from the hardships of the life.

  2. Harish Mehra Reply

    Happy marry crismass one of all moments and all life happy feeling this day

    • Happy upcoming new year .very interesting like it . lest share with those who don’t have

    • Fredrick Muchiri Reply

      Hohoho Merry Christmas with a difference is perfect idea, eco-friendly, innovation in recycling to get material for gifts is not economical but exciting too, likewise giving to the elderly is a very nice generous gesture, let’s do it.

  3. Farhana Chowdhury Reply

    Let’s make the season of love and celebration worthwhile by maintaining eco friendly environment

    • We can consider it a new beginning and learn much about how to deal with our planet

  4. Shampaguita Nieva Reply

    Happy holidays!
    This is great! Eco friendly and useful! Great idea!

  5. Rebecca Mariam Audu Reply

    Decoration is my major problem, I am poor at it.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Martin Owusu Bempa Reply

    it is good to put humanity first on the list of to do, for we all benefit from such history, therefore, the idea of going green is nice and must be supported by all. thank you and happy marry Christmas

  7. I’m not wealthy but am healthy. Visiting and helping people out makes feel joyous.

  8. I kid you not I’m proud to say I have accomplished quite a few of these. And I continue and hope to do so in the future.
    I’m going to reuse the tree the decors. Say no to plastic. Re use re duce and recycle.
    It’s never too late.

  9. Oderinde Stephen Reply

    Holiday season is always a great experience with people around the world by showing love and gift to people…Always with good foods, drinks and shopping with Panel Station! Let us do this!

  10. Oderinde Stephen Reply

    Holiday season is always a great experience with people around the world by showing love and gift to people. Let us do this!

  11. A very interesting piece. let’s go green and make this holiday Eco friendly.
    This is a season of love, I’ll definitely go for the Eco friendly Christmas tree.

    • Saira Jabbar Reply

      Amazing! Very inspiring. Let’s go Eco-Friendly and celebrate the holidays!!!!!

  12. Adewole olatunde Reply

    Holiday has always been a day to remember. One of the thing one needs to know is keeping the environment clean and also giving gifts to the less privileged and homeless people.

    • evance ogutu Reply

      Holiday has been like a rest in our lives and same way change is like a its one of the days memorable with hopes of changing what never went right previously. Happy new year 2023

  13. faisal alsarawani Reply

    مثيرة جدا للاهتمام. دعنا نذهب إلى اللون الأخضر ونجعل هذه العطلة صديقة للبيئة.
    هذا موسم الحب ، سأذهب بالتأكيد لشجرة عيد الميلاد الصديقة للبيئة.

  14. Emmanuel Emezue Reply

    I just saw an eggshell in the dish of the third image of this article. Is that also edible?

  15. Ehab taman Reply

    A very interesting piece. let’s go green and make this holiday Eco friendly.
    This is a season of love, I’ll definitely go for the Eco friendly Christmas tree.

  16. Grace Nyangige Omonywa Reply

    Eco friendly plans are lifesaving and cheap. However, question is, how many of us have standards/morals that require money saving decisions? I would love to think that the way I’ve been moved to try an ecofriendly holiday, is the same way everyone will feel.
    I wish this information would be shared to media, and other social platforms that would educate humanity on serious grounds. It would save us from a future of agony

    • Lissette padilla Reply

      Nosotros para navidad rehusamos adornos y las luces del árbol solo las prendemos durante 30 minutos o menos y luego no se prenden hasta el día de navidad. Y para la cena este año optamos por pedir comida y solo lo que hibamos a comer para no generar residuos.

  17. Munshi Rasheduzzaman Reply

    Sustainable and sustainability should be the 1st priority as of now.

  18. احب عطلات نهاية العام جدا و لكن لا استطيع ان احصل عليها لكثرة العمل … عام جديد و ممتع لنا كلنا

  19. W tym roku również stawiam na ekologie. Po drugie dzięki takiemu podejściu Święta nie muszą być drogie.

  20. Asmahan almslmani Reply

    الاحتفال بالطبيعة جميل وبالهواء الطلق احساس منعش

  21. Nada Mohamed Reply

    Well really provide great options to go green.
    Happy new year ya’all

  22. عبدالرحمن الهلالي Reply

    ماذا لو حولنا الإحتنفالات بأشياء تفد كوكبنا الذي يتفاني في خدمتنا ونحن بالعكس من ذلك ندمره!

  23. افضل شئ ان تكون افعالنا صديقه للبيئه

  24. Праздничные мероприятия вызывают желание наслаждаться жизнью.

  25. Happy holidays, truly holidays are the blissful moments spent together with family and friends. Thanks for sharing us the tips and making it more valuable than before.

  26. La navidad Reply

    La navidad se puede celebrar bien ,siendo ecológico ,nada mejor q ayudar el planeta .

  27. Mohamed bakr Reply

    اللون الاخضر هو لون الطبيعة الام. ما اجمل ان يقضي الانسان اجازة قصيرة في اخضان الطبيعية بعيدا عن صخب الحضارات المتصارعة

  28. عبد الحليم Reply

    هذا عظيم! صديقة للبيئة ومفيدة! فكرة عظيمة!

  29. Que todos estemos felices en familia y unidos en este fin de año.

  30. عطلات نهاية العام جداً جميلة وأحب ان أقضيها بالاستمتاع مع الأهل والأصدقاء

  31. عطلات نهاية العام مثيرة جداً اقضيها في الرحلات او مع الاهل واحرص ان اكون صديق للبيئة بشكل جيد

  32. Adeniran Albert Oluwafemi Reply

    Great seasonal where we all express love for All around likewise to the planet we for our better tomorrow.

  33. the Full Christmas Planner is Even better, this content will evolve and grow.

  34. دائماً احب الاحتفال بنهاية العام وان تكون صديقة للبيئة

  35. Very good to know that
    I am going to add that to my life and my family and my friends

  36. evance ogutu Reply

    Holiday has been like a rest in our lives and same way change is like a its one of the days memorable with hopes of changing what never went right previously. Happy new year 2023

  37. 🙏 Please plant a tree on new year 🌱…..a tree not only helps us survive in this world, but also brings us an ethereal joy, secures the life of our future generations and has a direct connection to a nation’s growth. 🤗

    • Wow really good
      I learnt a new lesson to teach my family and friends

  38. Ayo Fajuyitan Reply

    It is interesting to see the relevancy of The Panel Station in all the topics discussed, just as it is in this topic too. Also the options of things mentioned to buy and do to have good holiday experience truly stand out

  39. Glandy Quintanilla Guerrero Reply

    Debemos pensar en el planeta, ser más ecológicos al momento de comprar regalos y gastar la energía lo más que se pueda dejando un rato en la noche las luces de navidad y apagarlas al día siguiente. Hay muchas formas de apoyar al planeta que es nuestro hogar

  40. There is no greater satisfaction and pleasure than spending the holidays in an environmentally sustainable way. My preference, instead of spending money on unnecessary decorations, lights, is to use it to support environmental initiatives. During the Christmas and New Year period, I donate more than usual the money I earn from filling out surveys to environmental causes. This is becoming my Christmas tradition, which I also encourage others to do.

  41. Consistency is one of your biggest strengths. I can always count on you to treat all of your tasks with importance while also recognizing the value of prioritizing. Keep up the good work!

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