“What’s a life of a Social Media Marketer in today’s world?” A miniature muse has kept many awake for nights while we happen to relate references to this chronicle with Shakespeare’s verse:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;”

“And so he plays his part…” the circle of a workaholic man, sprinting hence and forth, working days, sleeping nights. “For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice…” circling hours, recalling social schemes, writing solutions, and maintaining weekly meetings.

Singing the tunes, we, the social professionals, commute with basal rays of the sun-kissed moment, with spirits high, hope rekindled, happiness knit, and heavenly & holy bliss in our hearts.

We Present You ‘A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE PANEL STATION’s Social Media Marketer’

You’ve been flooded with heaps of social creatives, broadcasted with some informational content or a fusion of promotional and gamification content. Perhaps, you spot a few on your newsfeed. Perhaps, you see it all! In any case, we’re as happy as a clam for the acknowledgement and appreciation we receive momentarily in minuscule chunks.


The Panel Station is a paid survey platform that helps over 6.3 million users from all across the globe. We use online surveys to enable brands to produce better products for their customers. No opinion you share with us goes uncompensated. With an efficient automatic rewarding system, we enable our users to enjoy answering surveys to the fullest.

So, what does it take to govern such an immense community of 6.3M panellists while preserving an equilibrium with distinct social channels and dialects?

For Starters: We inscribed this mere piece of the promotional artefact to garner your attention and dropship recreational reading asset; similarly, we allocate our resources to keep you entertained and to earn whopping rewards.

And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.”

And so, life begins with mundane moot.

📌 6:00 AM:

Every morning, we wake up at 6:00 am and send our ‘Morning Texts’ to our friends, asking them to join us early in the workspace. Yeah! Some of our colleagues aren’t early birds and need more than alarm clocks to take them to freshen up and get to travel stations.

📌 7:30 AM:

We savour homemade breakfast: toast and scrambled eggs with a cappuccino or aromatic (flavours of cardamom, ginger, and pudina) tea before we leave our sweet homes. PS: For us who are unmarried, we find ourselves in our paying guest’s kitchenettes.

📌 8:00 AM:

We see bigger wheels and brightened day
Honking the narrow way, abusing & flunking away
Sweats of Frustration, sweltering smoke, and dusted heat,
And thus, we twiddle, back & forth, an urban snail way.

📌 9:00 AM:

We begin with the lined-up email threads and procrastinated tasks (probably a day delayed). Since social is our bread and butter, we start screening each platform and scribbling the to-do list for the day.

📌 10:00 AM:

Later, we attend, and schedule meeting calls for the day to discuss the usual. Some pranks and jovial moments find their place in our official meetings. We also connect with our designers and work on the content calendar and publish the first half of the creatives designated for each social platform.

Likewise, we’re also accompanied by our executive members who try to concoct and fuse special ingredients, like aligned CTAs, and crispy hashtags, before scheduling the posts.

📌 1:30 PM:

As soon as the clock hits the 1300 mark, our content writer leaves her chair and starts persuading us to head for lunch. Reasons: She rarely cooks her breakfast and awaits free lunch from the company. Post lunch, we spend some time out of the air-conditioned rooms, making fun and laughing our hearts out.

Some days when we are working from home, our lunch hours merge with ad hoc internal calls linked to compliance management or else.

📌 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM:

These are strict hours to align our tasks and to-do lists and finalize pending works. The perfect marriage of peace and stress leads to some great productive hours, and we feel the burden lift off our shoulders.

Social engagement strategy, lead generation, and rebranding events are a few among many that currently fill in the gaps for us.

📌 5:30 PM:

And we leave everything on our desks for good coffee chit-chat. Joined by our Team Leader and other team members, we laugh long and celebrate longer.

📌 6:30 PM:

Time to pack up!

The most important and productive moment for us is when we have the opportunity to create content, engage with the community, and excel.


As a panellist, we understand that research surveys are targeted toward a specific audience depending on the objective of the survey. The invites sent are also meant to be randomly selected. Therefore, sometimes you may not be selected for a survey, which breaks our hearts.

This is where the social ninjas bring the magic to the table. Throughout our schedule, we strive to strategize and prepare Social Media Campaigns, Reward Carnivals, and other major winning titles so you can earn extra cookies and accumulate higher reward points.

Here’s an interesting infographic for you to understand all about the contest series on each social platform.

social media marketer

Instagram: We recently concluded our seasonal contest series, Father’s Day Contest, with multiple reward vouchers worth $5.

Facebook: You can take part in our Top Fan and Sweepstake Series and earn premium vouchers from The Panel Station.

Twitter: We organize weekly contest series on Twitter, the 5 Day 5 Contest Series where we have distributed a total of 5000 reward points among our fellow panellists.

What’s better than engaging with awesome panellists on our social channels and creating content that you love and admire?

We understand that you take time out to take surveys. And we value your time as well as your opinion by giving rewards. The Panel Station provides an opportunity to secure reward points from social channels.

You can participate in our weekly and monthly contest series from your comfort zone and earn complimentary reward points. Sharing Opinions can’t get more fun than this!

Start Your Journey with The Panel Station Now.

Dip your fingers into the EXTRA EARNING opportunity with The Panel Station and know the features you can avail.


A seasoned writer and outstanding social media strategist who puts his 100% when taking up any job. Mayank = Deep thinker + marketer. In his terms, knowledge is something anyone can get from anywhere; however, they must be willing to learn. Writing poetry is one of his productive spare-time activities.


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