Blow your mind with the beauty of the USA. Travel the unknown this Christmas Holiday.

Christmas time is a wonderful time to getaway. Whether you are looking to escape the cold weather and get tropical or have a more traditional experience with snow and cold weather, or looking for a quaint town with a big Christmas spirit, we have some inspiration for you.

Magic Mountain Ski Area, Vermont

Magic Mountain has a history that’s still very much in evidence. Magic Mountain by far is the best, steepest and hardest terrain in Southern Central VT. You cannot find black & double black diamond run at any of the larger resorts (Stratton, Okemo, Killington) that can compare to Magic’s legendary terrain. Never any crowds, no fancy high-speed lifts, skiing Magic is like stepping back into the80’s.

This is classic New England skiing with narrow trails, some thin cover, ledges to hop, etc. The base lodge is all you need and the tavern is fantastic for anyone looking to get their groove on.


The town keeps Christmas going all year round, but in December, the town and Christmas make it worthwhile. The annual North Pole ice contest attracts sculptors from all over the world and after a visit here, it would very difficult not to believe in Santa. Beautiful lights, fireworks, an incredible atmosphere and the festive spirit are all over the town. Maybe Santa himself designed the town.

There is also the Santa Clause House, where thousands of children have written to Santa with their Christmas wishes. You can also visit the Festival of Lights in Petersburg, the Winter Arts Fair in Ketchikan, the Holiday Market and events in Juneau and also the Santa Train at Tanana Valley Railroad Museum.

Times Square, NewYork

Everyone knows Times Square is famous for its tall buildings and huge electronic billboards. If you think Times Square is beautiful on normal days, then wait till you see it in the month of December. Christmas lights, endless holiday shops, people from all over the world spreading Christmas cheer, skating areas, incredible deals, and just the atmosphere – Times Square on Christmas day is Magical. No wonder it’s on everyone’s wish list. Santa, are you listening? 

A melting pot of people, one can expect people from all over the world during Christmas. Filled with events like dropping the Christmas ball, the big tree choir, & a lot more, Times Square can truly fill one with happiness.

Solvang, CA

Solvang celebrates Julefest, a Danish Christmas festival, with unique events one would not find anywhere else in the USA. With outdoor animal pageants, choirs, opera singers in amphitheatres, free visits with Santa and a whole lot more, this may be a different Christmas, but a beautiful one indeed. It is a favourite among children, families, and couples. Solvang has a lot of Danish influence and it is evident in their one of a kind boutiques and speciality stores. From clogs to Danish porcelain, there are loads of items that could be the perfect gifts to your loved ones.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has a unique holiday cheer to lift your spirits. You will definitely fall in love with its beautiful mountains and beauty. Almost anywhere you turn, it’s picture-perfect. Santa Express trains and Madrigal Dinner inside a Colorado castle are a must-visit during the holiday season. This Rocky Mountain city is also home to North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Track Santa program across the globe.

Garden of the Gods will be great for a quick visit. If clear of snow, hiking and visiting the red rocks is great. There’s a penny arcade in Manitou Springs in which you could spend a couple of hours, maybe combine that with a burger at Meadow Muffins in Old Colorado City, especially if you do Pikes Peakor Garden of the Gods.

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