We all know that a dog is man’s best friend. Providing unconditional love and loyalty, it is a dog who loves his owner more than himself. All they need in return is some love, care and food. But we all know that apart from love, every dog has some essential requirements. These things will ensure them a healthy and happy life.

So, here are 6 tips on how to take care of dogs. The more you know, the more you will be confident in providing a safe space for your pet.

Give Your Dog an Identification Tag:

Dog ID tagFor a pet owner, waking up in the morning and not being greeted with warm sloppy kisses from the dog is like missing an essential part of the daily routine. The very thought that the dog is not anywhere in the house is like a nightmare that every pet owner dreads. And therefore, the fundamental part of taking care of your dog is to keep them safe. Giving your dog an ID tag is the first thing you should do once you get a dog.

Dogs can sometimes get out of their backyard or house and might need some help getting back home. Giving your dog an identification tag will significantly increase the chance of you getting your dog back. You can also give your dog a chip so it would be easier to recognise the owner if your dog goes missing.

 Quick Tips:
  • Get a collar that’s not too tight
  • Make sure to write your phone number on the tag
  • Keep them on a leash while on a walk

 Feed a High-Quality Diet:

Dog diet

Health is wealth, and this goes for all living beings. Us humans tend to take good care of our diet. So why not do the same with your pet? There are many physical conditions that can arise due to the lack of a proper diet. Obesity is one of them. Obesity is one nutritional disease that can be seen in many dogs. Studies have shown that being overweight or obese can shorten a dog’s life span by as much as two years. So, make sure to provide your dog with a balanced diet. Include proteins, vitamins, and all other essential nutrients required or as prescribed by the vet. Water forms an essential part of their diet, so don’t forget to keep a bowl of fresh water.

 Quick Tips:
  • Include protein, vitamins, fibre, and minerals
  • Clean the bowl after every meal
  • Keep sufficient water in the bowl
  • Do not let them gobble the food
  • Avoid toxic fruits and food items

Take Your Dog to the Vet Frequently:

Dog Vet

For any pet owner, new or seasoned, the vet is the most important person in the whole wide world. He is the one who will tell how to take care of dogs in any situation. He will provide you with information on vaccination schedules, deworming and external parasite control.  So don’t forget to thank him enough. Take your pet to the vet for routine check-up. This will help in detecting any illness or disease before it’s too late. In many cases, an early diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment. Your vet can also point out areas where your dog may need some extra care, such as cleaning his ears, helping him with anxiety, or even providing general training and obedience tips.

Quick Tips:
  • Keep the vet’s number in emergency contact
  • Have a kit of essential medicines
  • Keep your pet’s vaccination records up-to-date
  • Do not miss the medicine prescribed by vets
  • When in doubt, take a second opinion from another vet
  • Do not try to self-medicate or experiment

Train Your Dog:

train your dog

And no, we are not talking about how to make your dog walk a tightrope or balance some bottles on his head. Basic training of commands is essential both for safety and obedience. A training session with a proper trainer is a good way to begin. If you don’t want to go with a trainer, you can do it yourself by dedicating at least half an hour every day to basic obedience training. There are many online videos that you can refer to for training course. Remember to start early. Dogs are capable and intelligent to understand commands from 3 months of age itself. The better the dog follows basic instructions, the more it will be aware of what to do and what not to do. This will also give your dog an opportunity to socialise with other dogs. With right training you will also have good control of your dog.

Quick Tips:
  • Start Early
  • Don’t be too harsh
  • Be firm and affirmative
  • Incentivise when the dog follows a command

 Socialising Your Dog:

Socialise your dogs

 Socialising pets is all about getting them to gel with humans and other dogs and it is one of the most essential things you should do if you want your pet to be happy. This should be done at a very early age. A socialised dog is more playful and relaxed. He is not nervous or anxious when someone visits your home or if someone wants to pet him. 

Quick Tips:      
  • Let them play with other dogs
  • Introduce them to your friends and family
  • Teach your pet how to behave with kids and vice versa
  • Don’t force them if they are not comfortable

 Spend Time with Your Dog:

Spending time with dogs

Dogs need to interact with their owners regularly. Having a good time will help you get to know your dog better. Always keeping the dog fenced won’t help in the long run. So, the more you spend your time together, the better the relationship between you and your dog. Even though dogs can’t talk, they do express their feelings with their faces. So, try to understand as to why your dog is reacting to a certain situation.

 Quick Tips:
  • Go for long drives
  • Take a walk everyday
  • Talk to them
  • Have a dedicated playtime
  • Give some belly rubs

Now that we have listed down some quick tips on how to take care of dogs, don’t forget to take some extra care of them. They might be just a part of your life but for them you are their whole life. Spending some quality time with them will create memories that you will cherish forever. So, go ahead, give your pet a hug.

Being a trained classical dancer, she is always passionate about music and culture. In addition, she loves reading mythological books and fiction novels. Expressing her feelings and thoughts through words has been her trademark. She believes that taking care of nature should be the moral responsibility of every human being. You will often find her trying to help some animals in need.


    • Yes dogs are like humans because they understand everything. Their subtle bark is the love and gratitude they show towards their owners.All these dogs need is food and shelter.

      Thank U.

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    • If you are going to get a Dog for the first time these tips will help start you off to a great relationship with your Dog

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    Awesome! Nice tips. Dogs are a very good source of companionship, most especially when you have a good and constant communication with them. They are so adorable, they make us love them.

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    Dogs are best friend of human being they are the most loyal one how much you care how much you love and you will get back so we should treat them good and should train and should take care

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  6. I have two dogs and give them a lot of love and attention. I provide them with the best dog food available. They go on frequent walks and go with us everywhere on holiday
    . They are part of the family.

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      Sem dúvida eles são nossos amigos e merecem todo cuidado e amor ,essas dicas são ótimas.

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    I have a Pomeranian. I always try to give good foods, like vegetables that she loves and non-acidic fruits. She just has one problem, extremely antisocial. She literally chooses the human she allows to approach. But my love for her is immense. congratulations for the blog

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    Sometimes, I wonder if my dog was once human. He understands basic instructions and it makes me smile whenever I look at him. Taking your dog for a walk is very essential, cuz it makes it familiar with the environment. Consequently, it’s difficult for your pet to go astray!

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  28. Taking care of cats and dogs was my calling in life. I was going to be a vet tech or dog trainer but then I had children and gave up on those ideas. I never should have because I miss it. But if you are calm, assertive and patient, you can train most dogs to do amazing things. They’re so eager to please.

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