Why work from home? Working from home is a blessing for those who don’t like to be chained by the corporate world. Some of us work better in the cosy surroundings of our homes, on the beach, at coffee shops, or perhaps in parks. Whatever you wish you could have at your corporate office space, you can get the same when choosing work from home as your work mode.

A cup of coffee and a comfortable sofa makes working from home the best option.

And if you continue reading, you will get enough reasons to take up work from home as a preferred choice.

You Are Just free:


When you work from home, you are not required to start working or log in or punch in the biometrics at a certain time. And thank God! You will be free from facing people you don’t like, and not even your client knows where you are or how long you worked on a particular day. Super cool, right?

Your Boss Is Not Around:


We know you’re tired of wishing your screen was invisible while your boss peeps into your work every time he or she crosses your desk. Remember, when you work from home, you are beyond walls, and no CCTV follows you. That is the perk of choosing working from home as a way of life.

Sleep Like a Panda:


Yes! This is extra peanut butter on your toast. How? Let us explain.

Everyone who works or is going to work in the near future wishes to get some peaceful sleep between working hours. But the freedom to sleep during work is a fantasy. Why? Because in between work, napping is not acceptable when you work from an office.

Now, let’s see how calm and peaceful life would be if you could take up work from home. When in your comfort space, it’s easy to keep up with the spirit of work, including your power nap. Sleeping recharges your brain, keeps your brain active, and the outcome of your work increases, which is only possible when you work from home.

Eat Like a King:


When you are free from the eating rules of the office, you may let your inner foodie run wild. Have meals or munchies at proper intervals. This will boost your energy whenever it is low on creativity and outcome. You can include meals, snacks, juices, fruits, burgers, pizzas and so on.

Discipline Is the Key:


You might be thinking, if it’s freedom, why maintain discipline?

Discipline is just what we call it, you may say. Nobody puts you under the sun with exact work hours, lunch hours, or any other office rules. The only rule you need to follow is setting up a target for yourself and finishing the job under a time frame (which you will set for yourself. Haha! Interesting, we know). Keeping on par with your targets will help you set it right in place from the start and maintain work from home schedule.

Productivity Metre:


Have you faced the issue of productivity in a cubicle? According to the Microsoft study, managers feel that due to the lack of physical presence of the employee, it becomes hard to track productivity, affecting collaboration. But in the new scenario, perspectives have changed towards the work from home concept. Working WITHOUT WALLS makes you tend to become more productive as your mind is set free from protocols. Working from home option will give you a much more secure, happy, and stress-free work environment. It is the perfect opportunity to dodge the race and prove yourself better and more competitively. However, the only requirement is to deliver results as promised.

Work-Life Balance:


You can spend as much time as you want with your family or loved ones. You can go on road trips, weekend tours, and international tours without seeking permission to take leave. All you need to do is send a text. This is only possible when you WORK WITHOUT WALLS or, just say, work from home.

If a text for a holiday or vacation seems too much of a dream, then believe us, you don’t need any leave because you can work from anywhere. You can be with your friends and family and feel as carefree as a bird as long as you get your work done on time and maintain professionalism.

Nurture Your Hobbies: 


Working from home, as we previously said, is a blessing in disguise for anyone who likes doing something out of the box. There is probably no one among us who doesn’t have any hobbies. Do what you like and find fun in between working hours. Paint, read, dance, write, meditate, work out, or cook in between the work and keep the spirit of work high. And any talent of yours can fetch you freelancing or additional work-from-home projects. It can get you the right place, the right contact, and the right exposure. But you got to do it perfectly. If understood and done correctly, work from home can help you succeed in no time.

Manage What You Earn:


Here is the last but the most important point you must take care of when you step into the world of working from home – managing your money. Try figuring out your monthly budget beforehand and once the money starts crediting for the month, sort out the bills and spend the rest the way you want. If you want some pro tips on how to manage your money, then read our blog, Eight best ways to grow and manage your money and enjoy saving.

On an End Note: 

We have given you enough reasons in favour of working from home choice. These tips will help you buckle up for the big day when you will open your laptop, computer, or phone to start working from home. However, not everyone can have the same satisfaction as you get when you work from your comfort zone. Some might find the office cubicles are less distractive and more productive. Whatever you choose, either work from home or office or hybrid, we wish you the chance to fulfil your passions.

Can you tell our readers about more relieving ways that work from home keeps you happy? You can share your opinion with us on work from home scenario and let us know your preference.

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A writer who believes in the power of words and wants to become a successful author, Ankita puts humanity before any religion or gender. If she is not working, you will find her either chatting with friends or eating. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, read love stories, watch movies, and listen to songs.


  1. Barry Obineche Reply

    There are countless benefits of working from home. The fact you are privileged to work in a stress free, pressure free, protocol free and convenient environment is a blessing that improves your productivity and enables you to stay focused and happy while managing your projects.

      • Trabajar en casa es una bendición y un apoyo alas personas q no tienen mucho tiempo libre 👋😊😊

      • Trabajar en casa es una bendición y un apoyo alas personas q no tienen mucho tiempo libre 👋😊😊

    • C eli Torres Reply

      Desde antes de empezar la pandemia en mi país el Perú, se estaba tratando de ingresar a ciertas empresas que pedían se tomara en cuenta el sistema de Teletrabajo, aceptaron reglamentaron para hacer este tipo de trabajo, no dio el resultado como se esperaba.
      Pero a raíz de la pandemia esto fue necesario hacer el uso del teletrabajo que fue beneficioso tanto para el sector Publico o Privado, se podía seguir laborando en casa con mejor seguridad, los jóvenes hacían dos cosas a la vez estudiar y trabajar todo en casa.
      Para mi fue grandioso porque no perdía en tiempo en hacer uso del transporte, pero el control de las empresas fue mas rígido que cuando era presencial,
      Las personas de edad seguían trabajando, claro hay areas en que no puedes usar el teletrabajo como producción, hasta en salud, en fin es bueno usar este modo de trabajo.

    • сергей Reply

      Работа из дома-конечно хорошо. Но зависит от вида работы. Если ты блогер или наподобие, то карты в руки. Если ты на производстве, то как это можно представить? Надо оперативно решать технические и другие вопросы-это отпадает. Работа в интернете. Тут тоже не все однозначно. Для того , чтобы добиться чего то нужно время и первоначальный капитал. И еще одно но. Все таки когда работаешь один- ты как бы за бортом жизни коллектива, что не очень хорошо.

    • JINCY JOSEPH Reply


  2. Working from home depends what kind of work you are doing and for whom. No camera’s no boss to nag you and especially nobody looking over your shoulder.
    But there is a set back though and that is you will use more electric and gas which will cost you and not your employer. So Two different pictures on which everyone has to take into account.

    • Thais Tenório Reply

      Trabalhar em casa é um sonho ,exige sim disciplina, porém ao estar feliz com o ambiente e com o trabalho a ser desenvolvido tudo flui naturalmente, afinal fazer o que gosta onde gosta nem pode ser chamado de trabalho é um prazer remunerado.

  3. I used to work from home during the pandemic and it was awesome. I now work Hybrid, in the office 2 or 3 days a week. I really wish it was up to me to decide where I want to work from… Working from home would definitely be my choice.

    • العمل من المنزل فعلا رائع لقد منحني وقت كافي مع اسرتي بشكل كبير

    • On the other hand working from home may turn you into introvert person somehow so it isn’t always good

  4. Asheesh Singh Reply

    I enjoyed working from home during COVID pandemic now back to office.

      • Lungile Ngwenya Reply

        Working at home is exciting . No one controlls you or having any due assignments needed always on time. These tips are good

    • It’s good for me as a retired, an extra income for using my extra time

    • It’s good for me as a retired, an extra income for using my free time

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    • Work from home is truly a blessing in disguise, but discipline is truly key.

    • Wungyaopem Ruivah Reply

      Yes, work from home has it’s plus and minus points but so far it’s good because I get to take a nap, spend time with my love ones by having meals together and also have the freedom to wear anything comfortable and do anything I want provided I give my best and complete everything in time and be as productive as possible.

  5. Edith Phangoa Reply

    It is because it’s hustle free and you work your own hours while spending time with your family, it’s a win in more ways than one! ❤️

    • Zahide Demiral Reply

      Pandemi sırasında evden çalışıyordum ve harikaydı. Artık haftada 2 veya 3 gün ofiste Hibrit çalışıyorum. Keşke nereden çalışmak istediğime karar vermek bana kalsaydı… Evden çalışmak kesinlikle benim seçimim olurdu.

  6. Working from home is definitely a gamechanger for both employees and organizations. Nowadays people love to have some flexibility in their work schedules and working from home enables that. And I believe happy employees are productive employees which makes it a win-win situation


    I Found my answer. 😃 Thank you Panelstation. I search for this topic on Google. And I found this article. It’s very good and helpful. Thank you.

  8. This seems the answer for me. Having to take care of my special needs child means it is unable for me to go out and work. So working from home will be perfect. I get to make some money and take care of my child

  9. Shubham Gupta Reply

    Depending on the type of work you do and who you work for, you can work from home. No supervisor to bother you, no cameras, and especially no one watching over your shoulder.
    There is a drawback, though, and that is the fact that you will consume more gas and electricity, which will cost you and not your company. Two diverse images are thus presented for consideration by all.

  10. رمضان محمود Reply

    انا من عشاق العمل من منزل أثناء وقت الفراغ


    My daughter works from home as a coordinator. She has 2 young boys so saves a fortune in child care.

  12. Yemisi oluwatayo Reply

    It is like a word of encouragement, because I love remote job

    • Working from home has its perks, like working your own hours and the freedom to do what u want but has those are perks the downside is the same, with the freedom you can get lost in the things you want to do and the things that you must do.

      • Adeniran Albert Oluwafemi Reply

        Good write up but wonderful mean to put out unemployment across the globe. As side from been engaged at home it provides mean of livelihood.

  13. As it is very happy workfrom due due to the pandemic coronavirus , as corona virus goes another virus entering our world so it’s safe to do work from home.

  14. I work from the office most time and I find it better because I get to interact with people,but sometimes the pressure makes me feel like working from home so I appreciate this useful tips of benefits of working from home.

  15. Ashwini Anil Dhumne Reply

    I also choose the work from from COVID and I think it is very helpful and we explore more in house also .

  16. Puneet Badyal Reply

    Biggest advantage of working from home is that you can maintain a proper work-life balance. But even working from home demands certain amount of discipline.

  17. Rachael Jesang Reply

    Working at home is really a blessing since there is no one to control you,, you work for your own,,,, I love working at home

    • فعلا العمل من المنزل نعمة لأنه لايوجد من يراقبك او يتحكم بك!

  18. Wei Yaw Phuah Reply

    Most beneficial is parents working from home can strengthen their bonds with family members after staying so far away physically

  19. apart from work life balance & over time its great having a remote job

  20. I choose work from home because i get take some money and take care my kids

    • I agree with you, although I haven’t worked from home before, I agree that discipline is very important, you should stick to your goal and reach your own target in a specified time.

  21. عزت يسري محمد Reply

    العمل من المنزل بيبعد عني الضغوط من مدير العمل وموظفين وروتين الحياه العادي من ركوب مواصلات والذهاب في اوقات محدده العمل من المنزل نعمه

    • Deepak Albankar Reply

      The best thing of work from home is your decided place and time

  22. Lavorare da casa è sicuramente un punto di svolta sia per i dipendenti che per le organizzazioni.

  23. Mahmoud Alhaggar Reply

    لم يتسنى لى العمل من المنزل من قبل ، ولكنى اتطلع الى ذلك اذا اتيحت لى الفرصة لما يتميز به العمل من المنزل من توفير للوقت والجهد والمال والتمتع بمباهج الحياه المختلفة دون التقيد بميعاد او مكان او اشخاص وفى نفس الوقت الحصول على عائد مناسب

  24. Pues soy emprendedora de mi propio negocio y es lo mejor que existe

  25. Es lo mas comodo para mi…compatibilizo trabajo y vida en familia con mis hijos


    Pandemi ile birlikte hom ofis çalışma hayatına geçiş oldu. Bana göre disiplinli bir çalışma ile daha verimli olduğuna inanıyorum.

  27. Realmente é uma ótima opção trabalhar em casa, principalmente para quem é mãe ter uma renda e ainda poder cuidar dos filhos é realmente essencial.

  28. Trabalhar em casa é fantástico, posso estou no conforto da minha casa mesmo assim trabalhando e tendo uma renda para o meu sustento.

  29. To wspaniałe móc pracować i być z rodziną razem. Jestem za pracą zdalną!

  30. Sanaa rashwan Reply

    العمل من المنزل له ميزات مؤكد وعيوب في بعض الاحيان

  31. Great. Whish I could do that. But work from home sometime can get stress up especially when your network down or sometime need to deal with your young children at home..

  32. عبدالرحمن الهلالي Reply

    كم هو جيد أن تعمل وسط أهلك وناسك

  33. Working from home is great
    It makes you to have more time for your family

  34. Shampaguita Nieva Reply

    I love WFH, i experience this during pandemic, i miss waking up 5 minutes before work start time, just open my laptap, work in nice ambience of our home with nice music and in my PJ <3

  35. Ayobami Fatimah Reply

    Working from home gives the opportunity to take care of other things in life. It reduces my life-stress

  36. Martin Owusu Bempa Reply

    working from home has its good and bad sides so let’s do well to play more on the good side than the bad side of it and that will help a lot.

  37. Bushra Javed Reply

    Working from home is a blessing as well as sometimes trouble as well if ur all family is home .

    • I still have yet to find a successful way to earn regular income while staying home with my children. I’ve been out of the workforce for over 10 years, and have probably only earned a few thousand on work job sites and survey sites like this one, total, over all of those years. Thanks for the suggestions.

  38. Bushra Javed Reply

    Working from home is a blessing as well as sometimes trouble as well if ur all family is home . It’s better explained and said everything in one blog

  39. Oderinde Stephen Reply

    Working from home helps work life balance, also makes you to be more active and productive in your work duties. Stay Health! Stay Productive!!

  40. Working from home depends what kind of work you are doing and for whom. No camera’s no boss to nag you and especially nobody looking over your shoulder.

  41. The best advantage of working from home is that you can spend as much time as you want with your family or loved ones. You can go on road trips, weekend tours, and international tours without permission to take a vacation.

  42. Saira Jabbar Reply

    It’s a really convincing blog. There are many blessings for working at home.

  43. Very useful article
    It is very good to work at home and take experience for your info and get money too

  44. خليل جرس Reply

    العمل في المنزل احسن للمعوقين و نساء الوطن العربي

  45. عبدالرحمن محمد Reply

    العمل من المنزل يزيد من الإنتاجية لأنه دون قيود

  46. Praca w domu ma swoje plusy. Jednak nie każdemu jest to dane. Moja praca nie pozwala mi na pracę zdalną.

  47. Ellen Conceição Reply

    Amo trabalhar em casa podendo ver o crescimento da minha filha ♥️

  48. في العمل من المنزل انت الذي تحدد مقدار ماتعمل ومقدار ماتكسب

  49. Nada Mohamed Reply

    Although working from home is a blessings but it’s too boring. We need to dress up everyday to meet our colleagues,work in a team, share our thought.

  50. Adewole olatunde Reply

    One of the things I enjoyed working at home is eating any time I like, sleeping, no traffic to be worried about and no boss yelling at me.

  51. Honestly, yes working from home is truly a blessings it relieves you with all the strict duties and punctuality which you have to follow or maintain while in a office. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts it was amazing reading it

  52. Mohamed bakr Reply

    العمل من المنزل مريح جدا ويتيح للانسان وسائل راحة لا توجد في مكان العمل. ويتمتع فيها الانسان بالراحة النفسية

  53. محمد صلاح حسين محمد Reply

    العمل من المنزل بيبعد عني الضغوط من مدير العمل وموظفين وروتين الحياه العادي من ركوب مواصلات والذهاب في اوقات محدده العمل من المنزل نعمه

  54. العمل من المنزل له جوانب إيجابية وسلبية وقد أبدع الكاتب في سرد الجوانب الإيجابية وامتلك الكاتب مهارة الاقناع المقال جميل جدا

  55. Working from home has increased a lot due to the pandemic, a way that people have found to stay safe and still keep working, I’ve always liked it because in fact, the comfort of home seems to make us more productive, we manage our time better, but like everything else in life to work out, you need commitment and professionalism, being at home does not mean doing everything my way, after all there are rules, I need to produce as much as if I were physically present at the workplace.

  56. trabajar desde casa es una muy buena solución para muchas cosas y creo o que es hasta mas productiva.

  57. العمل من المنزل مفيد ومريح ويجعلني انهي كل اعمالي اليومية بسرعة

  58. العمل من المنزل مريح وافضل ويجعلني اكثر إيجابية

  59. Eman Mohamedabdelsalam Reply

    افضل العمل من المكتب والاختلاط بالناس والتعامل مع العملاء وجها لوجه
    ولكن لا افضل العمل من المنزل حتي لا يدفعني للكسل

  60. Ayo Fajuyitan Reply

    one important benefit of working from home in a country like mine is the absence of stress through the travel time from home to the office and vice versa. Truly working from home to me is really fulfilling

  61. Some of the biggest benefits of working remotely include eliminating the commute, building healthier habits and reducing illness. Remote work eliminates the commute. Eliminating the commute is one of the biggest benefits of working remotely.

  62. Saila Habib Reply

    I love working from home as I can set my schedule to fit around other activities.
    While some prefer the discipline that comes with working in the office, working from home actually suits me.

  63. Glandy Quintanilla Guerrero Reply

    Uno de los mayores beneficios de trabajar en casa es que no tienes que lidiar con el estrés laboral cuando tienes que asistir a una oficina, puedes tener tu propia rutina y ser un poco más libre. Además de gastar mucho dinero en pasaje, ese dinero se puede usar para ahorrar. Trabajar de ésta manera es muy gratificante

  64. More benefits to working from home than traditional office system. Loved the piece

  65. Working from home requires a specific approach to the subject, it carries promising benefits but also risks. It is for people with a special type of personality and high self-organization qualities. It can be a good school of planning and realization of set goals. Anyone who would like to try whether this way of earning money is suitable for him or her can start at the beginning by doing small tasks on various earning panels, e.g. The Panel Station. In addition to the satisfaction of a job well done, he can get additional financial gratification.

  66. There are a huge number of people who opt for work-from-home as working hours are flexible
    Iagree 👌🏻

  67. Working from home is for sure a blessing since you get to choose your own environmental your work mode .You also get to be free since you are by yourself rather than people you don’t like and aboss to pressure you around.You also get to sleep and eat peacefully ,manage your freedom and at the same time maturing your hobbies .You also get to grow and manage your own money and enjoy savings.

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